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Review: A Powerful Staging Of Jean-Paul Sartre's NO EXIT Takes Center Stage At The Off-Central Players

No Exit is an Existentialist French play from 1944 written by Jean-Paul Sartre. The play had its first performance at the Theatre du Vieux-Colombier in May of the same year. Sartre’s inception of the play centered around this idea of the look and the ontological struggle of being caused to see oneself as an object from the view of another consciousness or “other person.” Conceptualizing and rationalizing the idea of how we perceive ourselves, versus the mirror image of how society or those in close proximity perceive us to be.

Kidd Pivot Returns to Danse Danse With ASSEMBLY HALL

Following the success of Revisor (2019) and Betroffenheit (2018), Kidd Pivot–the company of acclaimed choreographer Crystal Pite–returns to Danse Danse with the highly anticipated Assembly Hall. Crystal Pite's new dance-theater creation will be presented from November 29 to December 2, 2023 at Place des Arts's Théâtre Maisonneuve.

ATKA Releases Debut EP 'The Eye Against The Ashen Sky'

The tracks were produced primarily with modular and analogue synthesizers and guitars in the South-London home studio of Jung Kim, the lead guitarist of the band Gang of Youths and Stephen Sedgwick, the trusted mixer/sound engineer of the Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Blur mixed the record.

The Off-Central Players to Stage Jean-Paul Sartre's NO EXIT

The Off-Central Players to stage Jean-Paul Sartre’s Philosophical Masterpiece 'No Exit”. Experience the captivating exploration of existentialism, human nature, and the consequences of our actions in this highly anticipated production.

Locus29 To Present World Premiere Of HELL DIALOGUES At The Sheen Center

Locus29 presents the World Premiere of Hell Dialogues, a play that combines Sartre's No Exit and Plato's Dialogues, exploring human nature amidst turmoil. Directed by Masha Kotlova, the production uses a unique psycho-physical acting technique.

John-Paul Satre's NO EXIT Extended at Quintessence Theatre Group

Quintessence Theatre Group extends the run of John-Paul Satre's 'No Exit' through November 5. Don't miss the chance to see this fierce take on the afterlife at the Sedgwick Theater in Northwest Philadelphia.

Video: ATKA Shares New Single & Video 'Eye In The Sky'

Inspired by Nabokov's novel The Eye, the single 'Eye In The Sky' deals with the social construction of identity in the reactions and opinions of others. It describes a kind of social paranoia, as we already find it in Philip K Dick's science fiction novel 'The Eye In The Sky' or Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Watch the video!

Quintessence Theatre Group Announces The Extension Of George Bernard Shaw's MAJOR BARBARA

Quintessence Theatre Group extends George Bernard Shaw’s 'Major Barbara' at the Sedgwick Theater in Philadelphia. Don't miss this award-winning classic theatre company's repertory of 'Salvation and Damnation.' Additional performances added through October 29.

The Off-Central Players to Present Stage Jean-Paul Sartre's NO EXIT in November

Don't miss The Off-Central Players' captivating production of Jean-Paul Sartre's 'No Exit,' a groundbreaking play that delves into existentialism and the consequences of our actions. Get your tickets now for this thought-provoking experience.

ATKA Releases New Track 'Lenny' From Debut EP In October

The artist, whose real name is Sarah Neumann, wrote her debut EP The Eye Against The Ashen Sky last year in London parallel to completing her master's degree in philosophy, in which she intensively studied the French philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre's, theory of the gaze. Watch the visualizer video for the single now!

World Premiere of HELL DIALOGUES Comes to the Sheen Center in November

Locus29 will present the World Premiere of Hell Dialogues by Dan Veksler, adapted from J.P. Sartre's No Exit and Plato’s Dialogues, directed by Masha Kotlova. Learn more about the production and how to get tickets here!


Discover the historical impact of the expatriate art scene in postwar France with the exhibition 'Americans in Paris: Artists Working in Postwar France, 1946–1962.' Explore over 130 artworks that shed light on this creative period and the artists who sought refuge from discrimination. Opening on March 2, 2024, at the Grey Art Museum in New York City.

New Productions Of Shaw and Sartre Kickoff A Salvation And Damnation Repertory For Quintessence Theatre Group

Quintessence Theatre Group launches Season XIV of epic theatre with George Bernard Shaw’s stinging comedy Major Barbara and Jean-Paul Sartre’s fierce take on the afterlife, No Exit. Learn more about the shows, and find out how to get tickets here!

NO EXIT Comes to City Theatre Austin This Month

City Theatre Austin presents the masterwork play No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre's famous existential parable. Learn more about the play and how to purchase tickets here!

ATKA Releases New Track 'Desiring Machines' & Announces Debut EP

The tracks of the EP were produced primarily with modular and analogue synthesizers and guitars in the South-London home studio of Jung Kim, the lead guitarist of the band Gang of Youths. For the mix, Stephen Sedgwick, the trusted mixer/sound engineer of the Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and Blur, was at work.

Burning Coal's 2023 Oakwood Cemetery Series to Present BUTTERFLY WINGS Beginning in September

Burning Coal Theatre Company will present the premiere of Jerome Davis' Butterfly Wings adapted from the book Life and Death in High Places by Bruce Miller and Robin Simonton, directed by Allison Acuff. Butterfly Wings will run September 29th and 30th at 6:30 pm and October 1st at 2 pm, 2023, at the Oakwood Cemetery, located at 701 Oakwood Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27601.

Dublin's Bell X1 Release New Single 'The Lobster'

DUBLIN band Bell X1 have a new single & video “The Lobster” out now. The video directed by Allyn Quigley features Irish Actors Liz Fitzgibbon and Kieran Roche and, like the track, takes its cues from Jean Paul Sartre’s infamously bad mescaline trip in the 1930’s. The video was filmed on Dublin’s Waterloo Road. 

Love And War Erupt In Quintessence Theatre Group's 14th Season At The Sedgwick Theater

Quintessence Theatre Group, Northwest Philadelphia's first professional theatre company, has produced classic works of theatre for 13 years on stage at the historic Sedgwick Theater in the neighborhood of Mt. Airy. Season XIV includes six epic productions, four in repertory, on the lasting themes of love and war.

ABANDON ALL HOPE Off-Broadway Hit is Coming to Philadelphia's Beacon Church

Get ready for the Philadelphia premiere of ABANDON ALL HOPE, the hilarious and thought-provoking dark comedy play that sold out in New York City. Don't miss this unique performance at Beacon Church, as the play explores ethics, organized Christianity, and identity with clever wit and a streak of dark comedy. Buy your tickets now!

The Off-Central Players Announce Fall Season

Following a much-needed summer break, The Off-Central Players return to close out 2023 with four ambitious productions spanning the bitter-sweet serious, the existential-satirical and the outright silly.


Jean-Paul Sartre has written 6 shows including No Exit (Playwright), The Flies (Playwright), Red Gloves (Playwright), The Respectful Prostitute (Playwright), Kean (Source Material), The Condemned of Altona (Playwright).

Jean-Paul Sartre has been nominated for the Best Foreign Play award at the New York Drama Critics Circle Awards for his play "No Exit".

Jean-Paul Sartre has won the Best Foreign Play award from the New York Drama Critics Circle Awards for his play "No Exit".

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