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VIDEO: Watch an Excerpt from Xandra Nur Clark's POLYLOGUES

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Xandra Nur Clark's Polylogues is an interview-based solo show about nonmonogamy-and love in all its forms. It contains the true stories of 20+ people, selected from dozens of interviews about nonmonogamy that Xandra has conducted since July 2017. People were interviewed from all around the world, including Australia, China, Ecuador, India, Jordan, the Philippines, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and across the United States. The interviewees range widely in age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and relationship style (whether monogamous, nonmonogamous, polyamorous, relationship anarchist, exploring, undefined, or anything in between). All stories are shared in the show under pseudonyms the interviewees chose for themselves.

Watch an excerpt below!

The three excerpts selected are taken from the stories of Ryan, Catalina, and Trudy (in that order). In combination, these excerpts give a small glimpse into the depth and breadth of the show, as well as both the joys and struggles of nonmonogamy.

Xandra and director Molly Clifford developed the show together first in excerpts, and then as a full length show at The Tank in 2018 and at Dixon Place in 2019. They are o currently working to develop a full theatrical production of Polylogues.

Colt Coeur is producing the world premiere of Polylogues, which was originally slated to be running in May 2020. At this point in time, the production has been postponed due to the current health crisis.

Artistic Director of Colt Coeur, Adrienne Campbell-Holt shared:

"I think the piece has a virtuosic directness of message and simplicity of means - while achieving a very impressive theatricality that is pretty unexpected given that its just one human on stage... Xandra is fearless and fierce - and unapologetic in how they explore the subject matter. There's also a precision to the piece."

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