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The Flea Extends 3 Shows In MAC WELLMAN: PERFECT CATASTROPHES Festival

The Flea Theater will extend three acclaimed productions in Mac Wellman: PERFECT CATASTROPHES. This festival of plays by the influential vanguard playwright Mac Wellman runs through November 1. The final two plays in the festival -- a double bill of short one-acts The Sandalwood Box and The Fez -- open on October 5; and The Art of Stacking the Deck: A Mac Wellman Symposium exploring Wellman's profound impact on the American theater runs October 4 - 6.

Extension info is as follows:


Now through October 13
Sincerity Forever is a comedy about a group of young residents from the fictional southern town of Hillsbottom, a place with a prominent community of Ku Klux Klan members, many of them in their teens. They hang out in their cars on serene nights with friends and crushes, and question, as teens do, absolutely everything.


Now through October 13
A man and a woman sit in a park. They appear to be a couple, but aren't. The man is clutching a car tire. The woman has a penny in her pocket. The mythical Boatman of Bow Bridge is coming. He is coming to take away the person who is in possession of the penny. How do we make choices in the face of the end of the world as we know it?


Now through October 20
A chorus of students, all alike and all unalike, are trying like the devil to tell a simple story-perhaps the story about the tragedy of the Sandwich Man-with sandwich boards upon which nothing is written, and hence, say nothing. The Invention of Tragedy is Wellman's examination of the post-9/11 world and America's general and genial acceptance of the Iraq war.

SINCERITY FOREVER is directed by Dina Vovsi. It features The Bats, including Charly Dannis, Nate DeCook, Alex Hazen Floyd, Amber Jaunai, Peter McNally, Neysa Lozano, Malena Pennycock, Zac Porter, Jonathon Ryan, and Vince Ryne. The creative team includes Frank J. Oliva (Scenic Designer), Barbara Erin Delo (Costume Designer), Becky Heisler McCarthy (Lighting Designer), Emma Wilk (Sound Designer), Patricia Marjorie (Properties Master), Emma Sonricker (Stage Manager), and Will Steinberger (Assistant Director).

BAD PENNY is directed by Kristan Seemal. It features The Bats including Caroline Banks, Bailie de Lacy, Joseph Huffman, Alex Moreno, Emma Orme, Dana Placentra, Katelyn Sabet, Ryan Wesley Stinnet, and Lambert Tamin. The creative team includes Jian Jung (Scenic Designer), Emily White (Costume Designer), Daisy Long (Lighting Designer), Keenan Hurley (Sound Designer), Olivia Mancini (Stage Manager) and Lauren DeLeon (Assistant Director).

THE INVENTION OF TRAGEDY is directed by Meghan Finn. It features The Bats including Sophia Aranda, Drita Kabashi, Mirra Kardonne, Macy Lanceta, Susan Ly, Alice Marcondes, Madelyn Rose Robinson, Ana Semedo, Sarah Alice Shull, and Zoe Zimin. The creative team includes Christopher Swader and Justin Swader (Scenic Designers), Alice Tavener (Costume Designer), Brian Alduous (Lighting Designer), Espii Procter (Sound Designer), Chanon Judson (Chroeographer), Michael Cassedy (Composer), Haley Gordon (Stage Manager), Jake Beckhard and Ran Xia (Assistant Directors).

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