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The AlphaNYC Presents 12 ANGRY JURORS


The AlphaNYC Presents 12 ANGRY JURORS

A jury holds a young man's life in its hands. Stuck in a sweltering jury room until they reach a decision, 11 of the 12 are ready to convict, but one holdout is far less certain. Tempers flare, arguments grow heated and the 12 angry jurors must reach deeper within to find a common ground that ensures justice. Adapted from Reginald Rose's teleplay Twelve Angry Men, which later became a hit play and and an Oscar-nominated film starring Henry Fonda, 12 Angry Jurors promises to have you and your companions arguing about the nature of justice -- and the role of personal prejudices -- well past the final curtain.

Cast List
Cast A
Foreman- Andrea Lynn Nash
Juror 2- Carolyn Kang
Juror 3- Matthew J. Kaplan
Juror 4- Lillian Rey
Juror 5- Rob Romero
Juror 6- Laura McClure
Juror 7- Tiffany McWilliams
Juror 8- Elana Gantman
Juror 9- Pauline Brusca
Juror 10- Ray Bergen
Juror 11- Aneta Gjorgoska
Juror 12-Elizabeth Pickering Hopland
Balif/AD- Jessica DeRocco

Cast B
Foreman-Julia Rose Herman
Juror 2- Chloe Rice
Juror 3- Desiree Martin
Juror 4- Marielle Clare
Juror 5- Sierra D Leverett
Juror 6- Evyn Whiteley
Juror 7- Jenna Notar
Juror 8- Te'ena Klein
Juror 9- Louise Heller
Juror 10- Kristie M. Connor
Juror 11- Antonia-Sophia Scholz
Juror 12- Samantha Mary Watkins
Balif/AD- Arelis Torres

Performance schedule
Thursday, May 17th
7PM - Cast A
9PM - Cast B

Friday, May 18th
7PM - Cast B
9PM - Cast A

Saturday, May 19th
7PM - Cast A
9PM - Cast B

Sunday, May 20th
7PM - Cast B
9PM - Cast A

Producers Club- Crown Theater, NYC

$20 Cash at the Door
Cast A
Cast B

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