Welcome to Rhymeington, USA where the Dream Café & Spa is ready to heal what ails you. Lovers, dreamers, parents, workaholics and sometimes, even angels find themselves transformed and inspired in this entertaining new age SELF-HELP MUSICAL comedy! A show for the entire family!

Starring "Marcello," played by Vincenzo Fiorito, the hypnotist, a hip new healer and teacher from NYC rocks Rhyemington with a special vision and healing touch. "Leo Carpenter," played by Antonio Silva, a soulful artist who has reformed his wild child ways and came to Rhyemington to find peace and serenity at a new cabin he is building. "Sydney Chearney" played by Jackie Schiffer, the high-strung enlightened hairdresser adds quite the flair to the Dream Café get away resort while trying to mend her broken heart. "Mara Rosenfield", played by Angela Pierson, a work-aholic corporate woman from New York City, who takes a spa get-away vacation to Rhymeington, gets beckoned into a dream Marcello, where she meets her comical muse named "Pink" played by Caitlyn Piccirillo, and the love of her life- Leo Carpenter. "Joy," played by Joyce Laoagan, the Reiki healer and Musician, manages The Dream Café, and believes in the "Legend of Rhymeington" which promises if you meet your soul mate in this magical town, you rhyme without trying. Also starring "Arthur" played by Frankie DaPonte Jr, the café barista and energy worker. You will meet Jeremy Rafal, New York pianist, who plays "Herbert" and will wow us with his piano chops. Miss Katie O'Regan, creator of the book and songs, also stars as "Charlotte B. Chearney" a corporate executive and part-time local guru in Rhymeington who is trying to reconcile her corporate life with her other life as a Spiritual Teacher.

With songs like "Energy Thang" "Ain't No Guru" "Steppin' 12" and "Collectively", the cast will rock the house in the brand new New York City premiere. Soulful bluesy music, a cast of amazing singers will leave you wanting more in this healing musical with a non-judgemental Christian/Jewish/Buddist bend. We see the conflict between the spiritual world and the material world that lays within the human psyche, addressed in an unexpected, humorous way. We see the juxtaposition of Christianity and new-age philosophy. We see the conflict between the spiritual world and the material world that lays within the human psyche addressed in a humorous way.

Put on your sparkly dress or snazzy jacket and come out to see a brand new musical! This is a special semi-formal fundraising event for the purpose of showcasing this new musical, and just to have fun! The show is done with no props, a couple of chairs, a grand piano and lots of love.

A special premiere of the show will also be held at The Dramatist Guild for invited guests only on April 11 at 7:30. This musical is dedicated to Miss Julie Wichman, former cast member "Pink", who lost her beautiful young life to cancer August 2013.

Public show date: Tonight, April 12, at 7:30pm. Show runs 90 minutes no intermission. Tickets are: $35.00 for Adults students of all ages $10.00. At Redeemer Presbyterian Concert Hall, 150 West 83rd Street New York, NY. Tickets call: (917) 722-1115 for group discount or purchase on-line at

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