Review: MEMORY EXAM at 59E59 Theaters is Compelling Theater

The Memory Exam runs through September 25, 2022.

By: Sep. 12, 2022
Review: MEMORY EXAM at 59E59 Theaters is Compelling Theater

"Our memories choose us and they hold us." By Dale in The Memory Exam

Now is the time to see a play about the aging process that has great significance. The Memory Exam by the Oberon Theatre Ensemble is being performed at 59E59 Theaters through September 25th in Theater C.

The story is a futuristic view of how society manages people who have cognitive issues. Three elderly individuals, Tom, Hank and his wife, Jen have been reported for a memory "slip" to the Public Health and Wellness Bureau (PWHAD). The bureau has scheduled each of them for a memory exam, and if they fail, their survival is threatened.

Dale, a psychotherapist, has devised a method to prepare people to pass the test. For a fee, she takes them to a remote spot in the woods to practice a strategy using storytelling technique to remember objects. As Tom, Hank and Jen each tell a personal story, they share memories and reveal captivating details about their pasts. The question of whether or not they can pass the test looms large throughout the story. The Memory Exam intrigues and proves to be suspenseful.

The talented cast of The Memory Exam includes thespians, Alfred Gingold as Hank; Gus Kaikkonen as Tom; Bekka Lindström as Jen; and Vernice Miller as Dale. The characters bring a sense of humanity to the story and the portrayal of their characters affirms the value of older people in our society.

Review: MEMORY EXAM at 59E59 Theaters is Compelling Theater

The design team has done a top job of bringing The Memory Exam to life on the Upper East Side stage. The team features scenic design by Tamara L. Honesty; costume design by Amy Sutton; lighting design by Greg MacPherson; and sound design by Charles Hatcher. Jenna Lazar serves as Company Manager with Charles Casano as Stage Manager. Helene Galek is the Casting Director.

Get your tickets for The Memory Exam and see it while you can. Performances of the show are already selling out!

59E59 Theaters is located at 59 East 59th Street (between Madison and Park Avenues). For more information about The Memory Exam and the other shows at 59E59 Theaters, please visit and call 646.892.7999.

Photo Credit: Carol Rosegg