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VIDEO: WICKED CLONE Releases 'Hello' Video in Honor of International Women's Day

"Hello" from Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical (Original Off Broadway Cast Recording), composed, orchestrated and choreographed by Indiggo Twins, is an infectious musical anthem of women and their immigrant families who gather in Times Square - "the heart of the world."

The "HELLO" video is out now, in honor of International Women's Day, released for fearless women and the United Nations Women Program.

Check it out below!

Nationalities of all background, culture and religion are coloring the video of HELLO like fireworks on New Year's eve, presenting their country of birth, their spirit of oneness and joy to be welcomed in the new world.

NYPD policemen from Romania, Fire boys of FDNY, families from Mauritania, India, Poland, Korea, Spain, kimono-dressed Japanese women (who dance in sync their Bon Odori traditional dance) they all say "hello" and wave to the Indiggo Twins.

"Hello" starts with the arrival of immigrant Mihaela in NYC on her white horse Rommy from Transylvania's 15th century to the crossroad of modern-day NYC.

Mihaela is bamboozled by the overflow of billboards and haunted by her "wicked clone" -the past, the fear who are tracing each of us who have a big dream to make it happen in NYC.

According to the lyrics of HELLO, Mihaela used to be "an Asian rose" but now she has "thorns": "She's back with a different act."

The New World of New York teaches women to be independent and shed the old clothing of "shyness" with new clothing of "divine strength". New York City is the best school of empowerment and becoming the most self assured woman - independent, hard working who is "not ready to settle down" - "I'm a gypsy, rebel and proud", as Gabriela sings.

NYC also teaches women to draw closer to God and find their straight path on the stage of life: "When I am walking I feel Your love, leading me through the darkest world/ I'm dancing on stage, Your heart beats my pace/ Give me your hand, we'll dance our fate!"

Apple mogul Steve's Job's obsession of "Hello" becomes obsessive in Indiggo Twins' "Hello" with their symphonic production (strings resounding like Carnegie Hall's orchestras) and the powerful chorus emphasized by a perfectly synced joy-to-the-world routine choreographed by the Indiggo Twins themselves!

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