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MamaDrama Reports: VENUS IN FUR


Do you have days when you don't enjoy any real adult moments until you are too exhausted to enjoy them?  I do.  I work primarily from home, mostly online, and I have many days when I spend half of my time interacting with my three year old and the other half blogging and tweeting.  By the time the kids are sleeping I'm too tired to put together three words so I go to bed having forgotten to be a grown up.

I made up for all of that last night when I took in the terrifyingly, comically erotic "Venus in Fur" at the Lyceum Theatre.  Not only is this a 100% adult evening, I think I might not yet be mature enough to handle it.


At the start of the show, I found myself looking at it as an actress.  On a stormy evening the mysterious Vanda barges into an audition late, unraveling after a frustrating train ride and a soaking wet rush.  Having been in many an audition room myself, often entering late and equally unraveled, I thought I knew where the play was going.  I found a certain brilliance in Vanda's tactics: First she lowers expectations, then strips down to her underwear, adjusts the lighting in the room and proceeds to nail the part.  Why didn't I ever think of that?

And while we are wondering if Vanda's seductive audition is all an act and a planned manipulation, we start to realize that this sexually charged encounter is more about power than it is show business or even sex.  There are moments that will make you blush and by the end of the show you are surprised to realize that there was no real nudity, yet you can't help feel like these two actors have stripped themselves (and you) naked.

My advice to all of my dedicated parent readers is to hire a sitter.  Don't be cheap like me and take your best friend (who usually makes the perfect date).  This is a sexy, funny, shocking show that should be shared with your significant other.  It will give you lots to….um….talk about. 

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