WIZARDS AND DEMONS - Film Audition Non Equity Auditions

Posted: June 9, 2020
Audition Location: Submission,

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A feature film to be shot in Lawrenceville next year over the course of eight days. Set in Britain 500 A.D., a young lady named Morgan le Fay discovers that she has magic powers. She runs into the woods to find Merlin, in hopes that she can learn from him, only to learn that the wizard has problems of his own. A fantasy/horror dealing with Lovecraftian gods, the undead, and man-eating fairies.


MERLIN 21 to 40 years old, male. Muscular. Strong. Physically imposing. Impressive presence. Does NOT look like Gandalf of Dumbledore. Has more in common with Conan the Barbarian or Charleston Heston as Young Moses. Heroic and sexy. Male lead role. Wide range of knowledge and power. Mysterious, unknown origins. Lives in the forest to avoid human contact. Has an aversion to women and sex until he meets Morgan. Falls in love with her and teaches her magic, then is forced to make the difficult decision to eliminate her when she is seduced by evil spirits. LEAD Rate: $100/day guaranteed



21 to 39 years old, female. Must have English accent. Captivating enough to entice an ageless wizard. Lead female role. Morgan starts off as an inquisitive young lady who has been sheltered in a castle her whole life by her stepfather, the King. When he goes searching for Merlin in the forest, she secretly follows him. When she meets Merlin, she is mystified by his presence. She presses him to teach her magic until he does so. She becomes a confident and powerful sorceress. She embraces Merlin and teaches him the ways of love that he has never known. But soon she is seduced by evil spirits to preform a deed so terrible it breaks Merlin's trust in her forever--and he is forced to bring about her tragic fate. LEAD Rate: $100/day guaranteed


Cole Hamilton <colehamilton022@gmail.com>


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