TWELFTH NIGHT - All the World Wide Web's a Stage Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 2, 2020
Audition Location: Submission,

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All the World Wide Web's a Stage is looking for actors of all experience levels to participate in a virtually staged reading of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. All actors must be able to use Zoom from a computer, on a high speed connection. 

Feel free to read your audition and please submit a self tape via email for consideration to 

There are no genders specified because all roles are open to anyone. Multiple smaller parts may be given to one person. 

Orsino (25-45) - A duke in love with the idea of love.

Sebastian (18-30) - A twin separated by a shipwreck.

Antonio (20-30) - A close friend of Sebastian.

Viola (18-30) - A twin separated by a shipwreck living in disguise.

Sir Toby Belch (30+) - "Uncle" of Olivia. A drunk.

Sir Andrew (30+) - Sir Toby's close friend. Another drunk. 

Maria (25-50) - A person in waiting, under Olivia. 

Feste (30+) - The clown/fool. Ability to sing a plus. 

Olivia (25-40) - A noble in Ilyria in mourning for a death in the family. 

Malvolio (30+) - Olivia's steward.

Fabian (18-30) - A member of Olivia's household.

Sea Captain (any age) - Captain of the ship. 

Valentine (any age) - One of Orsino's attendants. 

Curio (20-30) - One of Orsino's attendants. 

Priest (any age) - The priest who marries Olivia and spouse. 

First and Second Officers - The officers who arrest Antonio. 

Production will be rehearsed via Zoom (4-6 rehearsals) and performed live on YouTube Saturday May 30, 2020. Rehearsal times will be decided once cast. The total time for rehearsal and production will be about 3 weeks. 

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