QUARANSTREAM THEATRE FESTIVAL - QuaranStream Theatre Festival Non Equity Auditions

Posted: April 4, 2020
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WHAT: QuaranStream Theatre Festival is a festival of short plays and performances created specifically for live-streaming by theatre artists from the safety of their homes. The plays will be presented on Facebook Live the week of April 12, 2020.

SEEKING: Range of non-AEA Actors/Performers who love new work and experimental theatre to perform 10 minute plays/performances via Facebook Live. Trans artists, people of color, women, artists with disabilities, Deaf and hard of hearing artists, and members of the LGBTQ community are encouraged to apply. QSTF will cast and connect actors and directors based on selected plays.

COMMITMENT: Must be available for 1-2 virtual rehearsals with a director (April 8th-11th), virtual dress rehearsal (TBD), and 1-2 virtual performances during the week of (April 12th-18th). Your availability is taken into consideration for when your performance will air live. Performers must be comfortable being directed remotely, and comfortable streaming from their personal space. All performances will be performed on Facebook Live on QuaranStream Theatre Festival’s Facebook page. Actors should assume all ten minute performances need to be memorized. 

COMPENSATION: QSTF is fundraising through GoFundMe. All money raised will be equally divided between the participating artists at the end of the festival.

SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: To submit to the festival, please fill out this Google form  (https://forms.gle/MTU1N1tNtVmLpXBR7). Please use the form to submit a short video of yourself answering the following prompt in two minutes or less: “Tell us a story of your favorite personal discovery in the quarantine thus far and what you’ve done with it. Have you found food you’d forgotten about and created a delicious, or terrible meal? Rediscovered the forgotten joys of coloring pages? Begun collaging photos of your own nude self? ” You will also need a photo of yourself and a short bio. Submissions close Sunday, April 5th.


For more information visit https://quaranstreamtheatre.wixsite.com/home or email QuaranStreamTheatre@gmail.com.  



Welcome to the first ever QuaranStream Theatre Festival! “What is that?” you might wonder. Well, glad you’ve come here to find out. We, a collection of curious and resolute theatre artists, have begun investigating how our artform might work under the current circumstances. With this new thing (to us) called free time, we’ve been wondering a few things:

How can we provide opportunities and support for artists put out of work by shutdowns and layoffs? How can we use this unprecedented moment to reimagine the way theatre is created? How can the limits of social distancing transform theatre into a more accessible and inclusive medium? How can we bring the ephemerality and magic of theatre to the World Wide Web?

To attempt to answer these questions, we are seeking submissions from playwrights, performers, directors, and other theatre artists for the first ever QuaranStream Theatre Festival! 


Our Mission

To create opportunities for performers, directors, writers, and other artists put out of work by the COVID-19 crisis.

To make a space for playwrights to explore writing specifically for streaming.

To explore how the limits of social distancing and quarantine can transform theatre into a more accessible and inclusive art form now and in the future.

Who We Are

We are a collection of theatre artists, educators, and producers located mainly in Chicago. Individually, we create and produce experimental, transformative, and community-centered theatre. We have banded together to create this opportunity for our colleagues left jobless, income-less, and with limited freelance options in this crisis and to do what we do best: make theatre. We couldn’t imagine not making theatre under these circumstances, and think there are likely others out there who feel like we do. Some say it’s the artist’s responsibility to innovate, make meaning, and offer connection, provocation, and healing in the time of crisis; we’d agree. We are excited to use this opportunity to explore a new medium for our work and to help push open the door to the emerging world of streaming theatre. 


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