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Posted: August 30, 2018
Audition Location: North Hollywood, CA

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Open Auditions for Musical Theatre Bookwriters, Lyricists, and Composers


New Musicals Inc. is issuing an open invitation to musical theatre bookwriters, lyricists, and composers to take part in an open audition for the famed Core Curriculum at the Academy for New Musical Theatre.

Bookwriters, lyricists, and composers interested in joining the Core Curriculum for the 2018/19 season are invited to audition by taking part in the September and October sessions. (September 22 & 23; October 20 & 21; from 2:30pm to 6:30pm PST)

“We’ll put all applicants on collaborative teams in September, and give them assignments that are due in October,” says Elise Dewsberry, Artistic Director of New Musicals Inc., “After the October session, we will evaluate whether or not the Core Curriculum is the right place for you.”

Successful applicants will then take part in monthly workshops (collaborative and individualized) through fall and winter. In the late spring, writers are paired one final time for a 15 minute musical, produced by NMI in a Los Angeles theatre with professional actors.

Bookwriters, lyricists and composers can apply online to reserve a space for the September auditions, or can simply show up at 5628 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, on Saturday, September 26th at 2:30pm.

Writers can also take part from long-distance via streamcast - just email for instructions on how to join the live streamcast on September 22 and 23 (2:30pm-6:30pm PST). “During the 2017/18 season we had a largest group ever of non-local participants.” said Scott Guy, NMI’s Executive Director and author of the online Lyric Lab. “Besides the sizeable group of local participants who were in the room with us every month, we also had stream-casters taking part from Chicago, New York, and Michigan.”

The heart of the writers’ workshop at ANMT is the Core Curriculum, in which composers, bookwriters and lyricists are matched together in different teams each month, and each month write a song or a scene based on an assigned text. The curriculum studies both contemporary and historical musicals, giving writers and composers the chance to create traditional and cutting-edge musicals, while studying contemporary variations of timeless ballads, charm songs, comedy songs and musical scenes.

Throughout the decades, the writers workshop has trained over 400 writers, who have gone on to created hundreds of successful musicals all across the country and the world.

NEW this season: ask about our Student Discounts for current college students and recent grads.

For more information, visit and click on STUDY. The direct link is:



New Musicals Inc., 5628 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA, 91601    818-506-8500

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