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Hamlet - Shakespeare Miami Non Equity Auditions

Posted: May 31, 2017
Audition Location: Miami, FL

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PAID – NON-EQUITY AUDITIONS - You must sign up for your audition slot.
Casting all roles (with the exception of Hamlet and Laertes) for the 2018 mainstage production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Set in the 1920s, this production will feature a full cast, period costumes, live jazz music and ass kicking stage combat scenes.
Directed by Colleen Stovall, and starring Seth Trucks as Hamlet.

Shakespeare Miami produces a month long Shakespeare in the Park festival every January. Performances in four locations over four weeks, including the Mizner Park Amphitheater in Boca Raton, The ArtsPark Amphitheater in Hollywood, The Barnacle Historic State Park in Coconut Grove and Pinecrest Gardens in Pinecrest.

Rehearsals begin November 27 and go through January 2 (Days around Christmas and New Years are off) Rehearsals are Mon-Thursdays 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

July 8 from 9:30 am to 2:30 am in Hollywood at the ArtsPark Amphitheater
July 8 from 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm in Coconut Grove
July 9 from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm in Coconut Grove

For more information and to sign up for an audition slot
visit and click on the Hamlet Audition page.
STEP 1 Click on your preferred date/location and sign up for an audition slot.
STEP 2 Then use the contact form to send us your bio and headshot.

Actors: Prepare two contrasting monologues (one Shakespeare) and be ready to do a cold read from the play.
Actors who sing: In addition to the monologues, prepare 16 bars of an uptempo song of your choice. Bring your own accompaniment
Actors who dance: In addition to your monologue, be prepared to learn a dance combination.
Actors trained to fight: In addition to your monologues, be prepared to learn the perform fight choreography
Actors who play instruments: In addition to your monologues, bring your instrument and show us what you can do.

Cold Reading Sides are available on
Please note that Shakespeare Miami practices color-blind and non-traditional casting.

All roles open with the exception of Hamlet and Laertes.
Character Breakdowns:
Character Profiles: (Please Note: Shakespeare Miami practices color-blind casting.)

Claudius – (Male - Age 45 to 70)The newly elected King of Denmark, Husband to Gertrude, Stepfather and Uncle to Hamlet.
A successful warrior, sly courtier and belligerent second son, Claudius spent his life waiting for his turn to take the throne. When Hamlet was born, he resolved to ensure that his brother’s son would never be king. Claudius, does not believe in trusting fate, and takes matters into his own hands by killing his brother. Wily, clever and lusty, Claudius shores up support for his reign and sidelines Hamlet, by marrying his brother, the old king’s widow.
Gertrude - (Female - Age: 40-60) Queen of Denmark and Hamlet’s mother.
Giddy with love and thrilled with the attentions of her new husband, Gertrude is oblivious to the tensions and treachery swirling around her. She is desperate for Hamlet to accept his lot and honor Claudius as his king.
Horatio – (Male - Ages 20 – 30) Hamlet’s fellow student from University. A stalwart supporter of Hamlet’s and the only true friend he possesses, Horatio comes to support his friend, only to discover that things are indeed, rotten in Denmark. Horatio is the moral polestar of the play.
Polonius – (Male - Ages 40 – 80) A minister and loyal retainer of the King.
Polonius is self important and likes to hear himself talk. Although people laugh at him behind his back, underlying his pompous exterior is a man made of stern stuff.
Ophelia – (Female – aged 16-25) Daughter to Polonius, sister to Laertes, lover of Hamlet.
Hamlet has pursued her with what appears to be true love. Hamlet’s words of love, coupled with gifts of books, jewels and his time, have convinced her that his love is true. Ophelia is a gifted courtier who makes the mistake of falling in love with someone who has no control of who he weds.
Laertes – (Male– Age 20 to 30) Son of Polonius, brother to Ophelia
Must be trained in stage combat. This role requires extensive fighting. Laertes is the son of Polonius, and when he hears that Hamlet has killed his father, and caused his sister’s suicide, swears revenge.
Rosenkrantz – (Male or female – Age 20 to 30)
A social climbing school mate and drinking buddy of Hamlet’s. Arriving in Denmark at the invitation of the King, he quickly realizes that he stands to gain more by siding against Hamlet, and takes on the task of spying on his friend and reporting it back to the king and queen.
Guildenstern – (Male or female – Age 20 to 30)
Best friend of Rosenkrantz, former school mate of Hamlet.
Sent to spy on Hamlet and enticed to lead him to his death by the king. Happily sells out his friend for advancement at court and money from the king and queen.
Bernardo – (Male or female Age 20 to 45) Courtier and friend of Hamlet.
Warns Horatio and Hamlet about the ghost.
Marcellus - (Male or female Age 20 to 45) Courtier and friend of Hamlet.
Warns Horatio and Hamlet about the ghost.
Grave digger – First Clown (Male or Female Aged 30 – 80)
Takes his work very seriously. Funny, clever and cheerfully makes his way through a lifetime of burying the dead.
Grave digger’s assistant – Second Clown (Male or Female Aged 15 – 80)
Nervous about the grave he has been assigned to work on. Plays by the rules, is terrified of authority figures.

Other roles include: Stage combatants, Sexton, Servant, Player King, Player Queen, Messengers, Lords,
Shakespeare Miami does not discriminate against anyone regardless of their age, sex, race, religion, or handicap... or any other reason. We look for talent, professionalism and espirit d'corps.

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