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ANIMAL FARM - Theatre Now New York Non Equity Auditions

Posted: April 26, 2021
Audition Location: Submission , NY

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Theatre Now New York is seeking non-Equity musical theatre and opera performers for a staged reading of a new musical adaptation of George Orwell's "Animal Farm". This will be a socially distanced, livestreamed event. Some rehearsals may occur online, but the performance will be filmed in person at a venue in NYC TBD without an audience. Strict safety and health measures will be in place. All performers will need to be fully vaccinated. $100 stipend.

Animal Farm is a musical adaptation of the George Orwell novella, an allegory of the 1917 Russian Revolution. It follows the story of a farm in England where the animals seize control from their owner and the subsequent struggle within their ranks for leadership and control. A workshop was presented in Spring of 2020 at the BMI Lehman Engel Workshop. The show is largely sung through with a score verging on operatic. Seeking mostly legit singers with strong sight reading skills or the ability to learn material quickly. Ability to do a British accent a plus.

Please email a headshot and resume to Selected performers will be asked to submit self-taped auditions. Actors of all ethnicities are strongly encouraged to submit for all roles.

Theatre Now is a non-profit company dedicated to the development and production of new musicals with a history of developmental works moving on to regional and commercial productions.

NAPOLEON - 25-40, Baritone, Bb2 to G4, a heavier voice with a more legit sound. A large, ominous boar. Shrewd, merciless, powerful.
SNOWBALL - 25-40, Tenor, Db3 to Bb4 (optional C4). Heroic and charismatic pig, idealistic and revolutionary but too trusting. A leader.
OLD MAJOR/ENSEMBLE - 50+, Bass/Low Baritone, A2 to D3. An aging prize-winning boar. A wise visionary. Stately and revered. Someone who could inspire an uprising. Will also play various other characters.
SQUEALER - 20-40, Character Tenor, D3 to A4. A small, manipulative pig. Crafty. A smooth talker.
FARMER JONES/ENSEMBLE - 40-60, Tenor. A weak man and a heavy drinker. Callous and careless. Will also play various other characters.
BOXER - 30-50, Lyric Baritone with pop/rock sensibilities, D3 to A4. A large, extremely strong cart-horse. Loyal, kind, dedicated, and respectable. Also tragically naive and gullible.
CLOVER - 30-50, Alto, A3 to C4. A gentle, caring cart-horse. Unassuming but more intelligent and clever than she appears.
BENJAMIN/NARRATOR - 60+, Character Baritone, A2 to Eb3. A donkey, one of the wisest animals on the farm. Skeptical, temperamental and cynical. Will also narrate.
MOLLIE/ENSEMBLE - 20-40, Soprano with coloratura capabilities. A mare. Beautiful but vane and flighty. Loves being pampered. Will also play various other characters.
BLUEBELL/ENSEMBLE - 20-40, Alto. A dog and mother whose puppies are taken from her. Overly loyal and trusting. Will also play various other characters.
MURIEL/ENSEMBLE - 40-60, Alto. A goat. Intelligent but doesn't speak her mind. Will also play various other characters.
JESSIE/ENSEMBLE - 20-40, Tenor. A dog and Bluebell's partner. Has a big heart and refuses to accept injustice. Will also play various other characters.

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