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Last Legs at Auckland Theatre Company


9/12/2017 - 9/27/2017


Auckland Theatre Company

138 Halsey St
Auckland, 1010

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News About Last Legs at Auckland Theatre Company

BWW Review: A FINE BALANCE at Q Theatre
June 18, 2019

This magnificent story delivers the message of the strength of the human spirit in the face of the inhumane. The investment in both hope and dignity is craftily woven between cast and audience capturing and connecting us to both the trauma and the triumph of the human spirit. This is a must see; a reminder of what happened in the not too distant past and a push to think about our present and future. (more...)

News that Bill English is to open a new wing of the Cambridge Retirement Village sparks a revolution among its residents. Though many want to turn on something special, others are less enthused and plan to stage a protest. Soon, new fractures appear along old fault lines, transforming the swanky facility into a hotbed of insurrection, intrigue and infidelity. The shenanigans and skulduggery continue right up to the last minute. With the Minister's car only moments away, a vehicle suddenly blocks the driveway. What's worse, it's a hearse!

After the triumphant success of You Can Always Hand Them Back, New Zealand's most popular playwright is back with a (cardio) arresting comedy packed with hypertensive hilarity. For Roger Hall, there's nothing retiring about retirement and ageing is not merely a tale of bridge and bedpans. Last Legs is a lethally funny black comedy about sex, death and politics with an irresistible appeal to the old and bold of heart.

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