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Shooting Star, by Steven Dietz


10/5/2012 - 10/21/2012


Tennessee Women's Theater Project

P.O. Box 158525
Nashville,TN 37228

Tickets Info

$15 Gen Adm, $12 Students/Seniors 60+, $10 all seats Thursdays
Phone: 615-681-7220
Running Time: 90 minutes

Shooting Star, by Steven Dietz in Nashville

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Imagine youre stranded in a crowded airport, watching in despair as an oncoming blizzard shuts down flight after flight. You brace yourself for the uncomfortable seating, bad food and worse coffee that lie ahead. You see a familiar face, and your heart leaps  and then sinks. Oh, no . . . its your old college flame, long burned out but never forgotten. Filled with laughter and ache, Shooting Star offers a bittersweet exploration of the middle days of our lives, and how we got there.
Our regional premiere production of Steven Dietzs twisty romantic comedy marks the TWTP debut -- and a welcome return to the stage -- for both Mary Tanner Bailey, playing Elena Carson, and Brandon Boyd as Reed McAllister. Shooting Star opens October 5 for a three-weekend run at the Looby Theater.

Cast for Shooting Star, by Steven Dietz at Tennessee Women's Theater Project

Elena Carson -- Mary Tanner Bailey
Reed McAllister -- Brandon Boyd

Director -- Maryanna Clarke
Lighting Design -- Tory Adcock
Set Design -- Brittany Carlton
Costumes -- Susan Jakoblew
Props -- Sara Sharpe
Projections and Sound -- Chris Clarke
Incidental Music -- Ashley Mintz

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