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Interview: Luna Muse / Cam Pederson of THE WITCHY WORLD OF LUNA MUSE at Minnesota Fringe

This production runs on select dates from August 8th through August 14th

Interview: Luna Muse / Cam Pederson of THE WITCHY WORLD OF LUNA MUSE at Minnesota Fringe Something wicked this way comes! Twin cities drag entertainer Luna Muse makes her one-woman show debut in this whimsical and kooky theatrical experience. Fantasy and reality collide as our host is tasked with sharing her favorite fairy tale of 'Lady Luna of the Moon.' This witch puts her storytelling chops to work, doing her best not to get too distracted with the musings (and hauntings) of her childhood. It's a cauldron bubbling of equal parts drag show, stand-up, and drag-queen-story-hour. Embellished with glittery costumes, a bold red lip, and just a pinch or two of real-life, make-believe magic. Join Luna Muse in her imaginative witchy world!

We chat with Luna Muse/ Camden Pederson about their production and the Minnesota Fringe!

How does it feel to have live audiences and theater back?

It almost feels like everyone is reenergized to experience live art again. The "digital theatre" era was one that lost me. There is truly nothing like live performance and the Drag shows I've been able to perform remind me of this. This is going to be my first time back in a theatre setting since the industry shutdown, and I am SO excited to be in front of a live audience... and more excited that they wont be a profile "like" on TikTok.

What inspired you to pursue performing?

I have been performing in theatre since I was a young child, I think it was a form of escapism for me. I loved playing out different stories for others, it felt like magic! In a world that feels like it's constantly crumbling, sometimes we need to feel a little magic.

Who are your influences and inspirations?

As a young boy, the witchy villains of film and literature always mystified me. I loved how powerful and mysterious they were. I think my household went through 3 VHS tapes of "The Wizard of Oz" because I watched it on a loop, acting out every scene Margaret Hamilton was in. Other inspirations to my drag are Angelica Huston in "The Witches" and Helena Bonham Carter in... really anything she's done.

Interview: Luna Muse / Cam Pederson of THE WITCHY WORLD OF LUNA MUSE at Minnesota Fringe

What inspired you to produce a show at the MN Fringe Festival?

The ultimate goal of mine is to blend together the world of theatre and drag, I'll let you in on a secret -they really aren't that different! In theatre, my "type" that I am typically cast in is boring to me. This is mainly why I started focusing more of my time on my drag. Because I have sculpted this Drag Persona for a couple of years now, I felt it was right to present her in her own world and story to audiences. The Fringe felt like the perfect place to debut a show of this nature, and the staff at fringe is SO helpful to a newbie producer as myself.

What are you looking forward to at the MN Fringe Festival?

I've quickly learned that the Fringe is more than just doing your show a couple times and calling it a day. It's a whole experience with events after the events! Of course I'm excited to perform my show, but there are also a bunch of shows I'm hoping to get to get to during the festival. It's also going to be so great to meet others in the performing arts community. It feels like we've been sequestered from each other since the top of 2020!

Do you have a favorite moment in your show?

I've done my darnedest to make this little show a mini-spectacle. I've showered the costumes in rhinestones, and the script with little quips and jokes, but (without giving too much away) we eventually see the cracks in the facade of the drag persona and we meet the human under the makeup. Thats probably what I'm most excited about.

What do you hope the audience takes away from it?

I hope audiences are entertained by my work, but I want them to understand that even in a world where we're supposed to be "normal" WE are responsible for finding the "real-life, make-believe" magic in our lives. Hindsight is 2020 and revisiting some musings and hauntings from my youth, I think escaping to an imaginative happy-place is something we can all relate to.

Favorite local spots?

I love Cuppa Java to get some work done (or lines memorized) and Lush Lounge and Theater for a drink after a long week... or to see me on stage!

Thank you Luna for your time!

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Photos by Ryan Coit

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