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12/6/2017 - 12/7/2017
Grand Theatre
1 Rond-point Schuman
Luxembourg, 2525

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In 1927’s production of Golem, Luxembourg audiences will experience a dynamic and innovative live performance. Writer and performer Suzanne Andrade and designer Paul Barritt have a strong vision that is central to all their work: the exploration of the relationship between live performer and animation, music, song, and movement. This show generates an incredible atmosphere – the audience will get lost in this rich, bizarre and funny world.

Drawing on the ancient Jewish folklore of Golem – the story of a man who fashions a creature out of clay to work for him – this production is not a re-telling or adaptation of the myth, but rather an original story, exploring man and his machines. Located in a futuristic and yet throwback, familiar world, where technology and the market economy have evolved to transcend the boundaries of human control, Golem has become a must-have, indispensable ingredient for a better life. Its very existence, however threatens the prospect of those who created it.

The audience will have a sense of stepping into a giant graphic novel that has burst into life. It is a dark and fantastical tale of an extraordinarily ordinary man. Golem is a dystopian fable for the 21st century which cleverly and satirically explores one of the great questions of the modern world – who or what is in control of our technologies? Golem is winner of the 2015 Critics Circle Award and the Knight of Illumination Award.

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