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When Fishies Rain Down From the Sky at Bunbury Theatre Company


6/14/2019 - 6/30/2019


Bunbury Theatre Company

604 South Third Street
Louisville, 40202
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Phone: 5025855306

When Fishies Rain Down From the Sky in Louisville

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A World Premiere Comedy/Drama by Bunbury's Producing Artistic Director, Juergen K. Tossmann. It's 1979, ( a pivotal year in the history of America) two college seniors, Mike and Jerry are coming of age. Their mindless summertime painting job lends itself to occasional boyhood banter and a toke or two; until Atticus Jefferson arrives. As this unconventional 73-year-old African American savant raps his life story, their worlds open up to a new way of thinking as Atticus challenges their station in life and the very foundations which have shaped their perceptions. When Atticus's granddaughter Maya arrives on the scene, all their worlds are rocked by this dynamic young woman.

This marks the 20th play Tossmann has written for Bunbury. The worlds of his characters have always reflected the mission of Bunbury: To present, create and develop productions that are thought-provoking, engaging and entertaining, with a focus on identity and social consciousness. Tossmann was 24 in 1979 and that year changed his perceptions about the world and the future. Here we are 40 years later, and we are still dealing with the same issues as we were in the summer of '79; race, bigotry, indifference, woman's rights, climate change and as President Jimmy Carter's famous oval office speech reflects, "A crisis in confidence."

Ages: Teen to adult

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