Michael Jackson Glove Sells, Auction Raises $5 Million

By: Dec. 03, 2012

Julien's Auctions, the premier celebrity and entertainment memorabilia auction house created a day full of special moments, worldwide bidding and the opportunity for museums, collectors and fans from around the world to bid on costumes and other items from the Collection of Tompkins & Bush, longtime fashion designers and friends of Michael Jackson. Darren Julien, founder and CEO of Julien's Auctions and Martin Nolan, Executive Director led their entire team in a fitting tribute to the King of Pop by wearing sequined gloves specially made for the auction event. The one-year anniversary of the passing of Dennis Tompkins was also observed with a moment of silence at the beginning of the collection offering. Lady Gaga was among the collectors as she tweeted Sunday that she bought 55 pieces in the sale administered by Julien's Auctions and said she plans to keep the items "archived and expertly cared for in the spirit and love of Michael Jackson, his bravery and fans worldwide."

Highlights included a cross-section of every era of Michael Jackson's spectacular career. A Michael Jackson BAD tour jacket sold for $240,000 a white Michael Jackson fantasy glove sold for $192,000 with a second crystal glove selling for $115,200, Michael Jackson's 1973 Oscar performance ensemble sold for $51,200, Michael Jackson's signed loafers sold for $10,000, A Michael Jackson signed Captain EO shirt sold for $9,375, a Michael Jackson multi-signed record set sold for $15,360, a White House jacket worn by Jackson to a visit with President George Bush sold for $144,000, a Michael Jackson "We Are the World" jacket sold for $40,625, a Michael Jackson BAD tour shirt sold for $144,000, a BAD tour belt sold for $37,500, a Michael Jackson military style jacket sold for $40.625 and a Michael Jackson signed and worn jacket sold for $156,000. (Michael Jackson Fantasy glove)

A portion of the proceeds of the auction benefits two charities, Guide Dogs of America (GuideDogsofAmerica.org) and Nathan Adelson Hospice in Las Vegas (www.nah.org). Both have special meaning to Michael Bush.

"We are so very grateful for everything Julien's Auctions and Michael Bush have done for us," said Lorrie Benson, Media and Community Liaison, Guide Dogs of America. "So many people who come to Guide Dogs of America for help will now gain their independence from their sincere generosity. We feel honored to have been a part of such a wonderful program."

"It has been so incredible to be involved with this auction and the support we have received from Michael Bush and Darren Julien, as well as the late Dennis Tompkins," said Carole Fisher, CEO of Nathan Adelson Hospice of Las Vegas. "Every day we deal with the reminder that life is precious and to know generosity still exists like this is remarkable. We shall surely help many people with their generous donation."

Other highlights were not limited to record prices but also for unprecedented memories. Debbie Jackson, a lifetime fan of Michael Jackson who has dedicated her life to preserving his memory flew thousands of miles from New Zealand to attend the special event. Serious collectors, museum curators and fans as far away as Japan, France and other countries attended the all day event, bid by phone or online. It was a spectacular day made for music history.

More auction highlights included a "Dirty Diana" video worn shirt which sold for $68,750 a Michael Jackson Pepsi and Awards jacket sold for $68,750, a white beaded jacket worn by Michael Jackson as he escorted Madonna to the 63rd Academy Awards in 1991 sold for $180,000, a Michael Jackson L.A. Gear photo shoot jacket sold for $204,000, a Michael Jackson military outfit sold for $118,750, Michael Jackson L.A. Gear denims wore in an ad campaign sold for $50,000, a Michael Jackson signEd White fedora sold for $6,400, Michael Jackson officer badges sold for $7,500, a Michael Jackson signed and worn hat sold for $11,250, a pair of Michael Jackson signed boots sold for $22,400, a Michael Jackson belt buckle sold for $4,875, a Michael Jackson V-8 jacket sold for $68,750, a Michael Jackson Dangerous tour jacket sold for $216,000 and a Michael Jackson Dangerous tour costume sold for $87,500.

The Michael Jackson "Beat It' tour jacket sold for $156,000, a Michael Jackson HIStory teaser film jacket sold for $118,750, a Michael Jackson costume signed sketch sold for $5,120, a Michael Jackson gold lame suit sold for $16,250, a Michael Jackson signed "Scream" prop sold for $3,750 while the Michael Jackson "Scream" costume sold for $156,000.
There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was a global fashion icon as well as award winning and beloved musician. His wardrobe dictated many of the styles throughout the last few decades. Jackson played a very intimate role in the designs and completion of every costume and piece of clothing he wore both on stage and in his personal life. Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush shared a very personal and close 25 year relationship with the artist.