MERELY PLAYERS to Debut at The Lounge Theatre Next Month

By: May. 06, 2015

Coming to Los Angeles this June, Merely Players is a meta-exploration of the theatre scene that watches as a struggling (and mostly terrible) theatre troupe attempts to put on a musical that maybe really should never have been written in the first place.

From audition sign-ups to the opening night curtain, we join the cast and creatives of the new musical "Bus Stop" as they work through script changes, divas, horrible acting choices, showmances and worst of all, identity crises. The success-hungry director, amateur performers and the never-quite-finished material find some much needed help from the most unexpected place: the Audience.

This new musical with book by James Penca and music and lyrics by Alex Syiek (Giraffenstein, and The Pokémusical - 2013 Best Musical [DOMA Sponsored] Fringe Winner) features direction and musical staging by Joanna Syiek (Broadway World Nomination - Best Direction, The Pokémusical) with musical direction by Jennifer Lin. The cast for Merely Players includes Courtney Reed (Parker), Nick Pavelich (Jamey), Kelsey Schulte (Addison), Adam Foster Ballard (Glen), Sara Guarnieri (Kiley), Ari Gwasdoff (Delaney), Seth Salsbury (Hunter), Josh Hillinger (Sonny), Caleb Mills Stewart (Cecil), Katie DeShan (Rene), Jennifer Lin, (Jen), Emily Arkuss (Usher), Joseph McMahon (Usher, Sonny & Cecil Cover), Rose Leisner (Female Cover) and Ian Klingenberg (Usher Cover).

The bus will be rolling up to the stop from June 7-June 28, 2015 at the Lounge Theatre located at 6201 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Tickets ($10) are available at For more information visit