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Connolly Laughs Out Loud

Do not let the thick Scottish accent fool you, comedian Billy Connolly acts about American as possible, at least as far as his skeptical outlook on all things hippy dippy about the country that gave him many interesting years roaming about the entertainment business.  

Taking the now familiar path of stand up comedy by way of theatrical houses, Billy Connolly Live! has set up shop at the Brentwood Theatre for a short while, which works to Connolly's benefit as the 500 seat intimate venue allows for a unique experience.

With a waft of accessible humor far superior to the hillbilly viewpoint spewing from those blue-collar yanks, Connolly is an everyman's comic, proving hilarious with each quip on everything from bicycle-framed fashion models to political demon Ann Coulter.  

Connolly, a self-described grumpy old man, wrapped up his opening night performance with a side-splitting diatribe on the daft folks sheepishly following nearly all forms of religion, including those all too easy to knock Mormons.

At 64 years old, Connolly is no stranger to Los Angeles, having served his time in Hollywood with a starring role in the sitcom "Head of the Class," so it is no wonder that he spends a lot of time defending this drastically eccentric city.  Where else could you possibly see Jesus randomly wandering the Valley's streets before popping into a local YMCA?  Just don't ask Connolly to put up with the palm readers and incense burning characters roaming the local neighborhoods.

Quite a fan of the F-word, the feisty natured Connolly could best be described as a gray haired brash father time.  After all, being in your early sixties must certainly mean there is already one foot in the grave.  But Connolly is "too old to die young," or so the phrase plastered across the grey-bricked backdrop at the Brentwood Theatre claims.  

It is unfortunate Connolly did not break onto the scene earlier in life, though despite predictions of his own demise, there are sure to be many years ahead of this welcome comic import.  Some of his jokes reek of dated material, as the low carb diets he slashes at have been known to actually work for some.  And it is staggering how often Connolly doubles back on himself picking up half-started stories, yet he certainly knows how to work a crowd into a fit of laughter, including himself.

Billy Connolly Live!, presented by Westbeth Entertainment, plays at the Brentwood Theatre through March 24.  Tickets can be purchased at the Wodsworth/Brentwood Theatre Box Office located at 11301 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles or online through Ticketmaster.  For more information, visit

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