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Chico's Angels Announces Zoom Live Theater Reading Of PRETTY CHICAS ALL IN A ROW

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Chico's Angels Announces Zoom Live Theater Reading Of PRETTY CHICAS ALL IN A ROW

CHICO'S ANGELS is set to perform a live theater comedy reading of their very first production PRETTY CHICAS ALL IN A ROW. The one-night reading will air live on Facebook, Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 7pm PT. The special event is bringing back most of the original cast members that played the roles on stage over 16 years ago. It is a FREE event, so come and join in all the angelic fun of CHICO'S ANGELS.

In PRETTY CHICAS ALL IN A ROW, when contestants start dropping dead in the Miss Kumquat Pageant, Cecil Kumquat hires Chico's Angels to find the killer and save his show. Kay and Chita go undercover as contestants, Miss Iowa and Miss Kentucky, and try not to stick out. Frieda and Bossman go undercover as a reporter and her lusty cameraman. The Angels are determined to solve the crime, get their story and take the crown.

CHICO'S ANGELS stars: Kay Sedia (Oscar Quintero), Chita Parol (Ray Garcia), and Frieda Laye (Danny Casillas) these three beautiful and comedic Latina drag queens who work for pennies for their unseen boss.

The returning cast are: Alejandro Patino as Bossman with Kurt Koehler, Nora Francis, Rachel Tishara Stacy, Heather Ward, Luke Weaver and Mr. Dan. The cast will also include special guest, comedian/actress Julie Brown (Mtv, Earth Girls Are Easy) who will read the stage directions throughout the reading.

More on Chico's Angels visit their official website at where one can find out everything about these captivating detectives. The heavenly website contains updates, Angel bios, and hot videos. Chico's Angels has also produced mini-episodes and music videos. The mini-episode titled, 24ish has toured the country in over twenty film festivals. 24ish was nominated for best short in the San Francisco GLBT Film Festival, Frameline34. Chico's Angels have also been nominated for a Weho Award.

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