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BWW Review: STUPID SONGS PRESENTS STUPID GOLD Featuring Stupidly Funny and Stupidly Incredible Singers!

STUPID SONGS PRESENTS STUPID GOLD/written by The Stupid Songs Troupe/directed by Keri Safran/musical direction by Emily Cohn/Rockwell Table & Stage

On August 18th, The Stupid Songs Troupe wowed the packed house of the Rockwell Table & Stage with their fast-paced 70-minutes of 18 non-stop songs of high hilarity and witty, hysterical lyrics.

Director Keri Safran begins the fun with "Stupid Gold," her re-written lyrics to the tune of "Xanadu" (Xan-a-du = Stu-pid Gold). Backed by twelve of her enthusiastic troupe-mates, this opener sets the audience up for the lofty amusement that follows.

Gabriel Oliva and Sarah Wolter re-enact Wolter's "My Neighbor" as new neighbors meeting in a dark, low wi-fi receiving basement in their apartment building. There's a reason Oliva's wearing a bloodied plastic raincoat and Wolter knows why, and Oliva knows that she knows why, and so it goes, back and forth, to a most surprising end. Very funny!

Sara Cravens growls most sexily as a 'Hot Mom' checking out 'Hot Dads' in the clever "Farmer's Market," co-written by the 'Hot Dad' checking out 'Hot Moms' Andrew Samples on vocals and guitar.

"Witches with a 'B'" features the gorgeous harmonies of Selyna Warren, Lauren Hughes and Marissa Shields. Who knew cusswords would sound so glorious sung!

Warren spectacularly solos in her authored "Bobby Dee," her homage to admitted killer Robert Durst. Warren's belting would fit right in the new NBC cast of The Wiz.

Hughes' moment to shine's her bluesy interpretation of her composition "Eye to Eye," complete with a myriad of wonderful sound effects. Like scatting, yet different.

Shields nails her dumb, er, not smart blonde routine in her seductive "Screw Loose."

Tad Coughenour comically exhibits his strong vocal chops and nifty dance steps as a flamboyant caveman in "Way ahead of My Time."

Carla Delaney in her "Nervous Compensation" quite accurately voice impressions: members of The Simpsons family, Judy Garland and her daughter Liza, Bette White, and more. Nice!

Jason Currie proudly sings about his 'dad bod' in his piece "I Used to Be."

Yael Berkovich seizes her opportunity to spotlight Frozen's co-songwriter Kristen
Anderson-Lopez' definitely far from G-rated "Pregnancy Song." Can you just imagine Elsa singing the F-word over and over again?

Aaron Matijasic winningly pairs with Oliva as two lonely sailors visiting the Eiffel Tower in their co-written "Just a Couple of Guys."

Brant Cox most effectively uses his Sam Harris-like pipes to lament that he's just "Too Pretty."

Special be-wigged guests Missi Pyle and Brooke Dillman hysterically perform as the Bible-thumping Tumbleweed Sisters in their co-penned numbers "Holiday Medley" and "Armageddon," praising their lord while skewering the current presidential candidates.

Safran closes the night as the Cat Lady with all her dancing cats in the most joyous "Saturday Night" (written by Safran and Currie).

Marvelous musical assist by music director Emily Cohn on piano, Carla Capolupo on bass and Jon Gray on drums.

Only criticism of this evening would be not hearing all the lyrics over the word-eating sound system. But look forward to their next show STUPID SONGS PRESENTS MURDER.

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