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Interview: MEADOWLARK FALLS' Carley Herlihy Right Back in THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Spirit

Tin Can Telephone Productions presents the second edition of their WELCOME TO MEADOWLARK FALLS interactive online experience THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST

Interview: MEADOWLARK FALLS' Carley Herlihy Right Back in THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Spirit

Tin Can Telephone Productions presents the second edition of their WELCOME TO MEADOWLARK FALLS interactive online experience THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST. Ticket buyers will be mailed a package to guide them through the online holidays interactions. Purchase these ticket packages by December 3rd for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Got a chance to pose a few questions to Carley Herlihy who reprises her role of Jenny Snow in WELCOME TO MEADOWLARK FALLS: THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview, Carley!

This is the second edition of WELCOME TO MEADOWLARK. When you were first cast as Jenny Snow in the previous edition last year, did you have an inkling that you would reprise Jenny Snow this year in its sequel?

I was first cast as Jenny Snow in 2019 during the immersive workshop. I had such an amazing working with everyone I sure hoped they recast me! When I heard it was still gonna happen in 2020 and I was invited back I was so happy. After two years it definitely feels like the Meadowlark cast has melded our characters and it only made sense to me that I'd see my Meadowlark family in 2021!

Will all of the CHRISTMAS AT HOME cast reprise their roles in THE VERY MERRY


Yes! Everyone really embodies their characters so perfectly. They really bring the heart to each hallmark trope, and I've fallen in love with each character simultaneously with the actor who played them.

What would be your three-line pitch of VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST?

Choose your own adventure Hallmark Christmas experience in your own home! Will you help Jenny win THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST? Or find Whitney's soft spot and guide her to victory?

If you were to submit your character Jenny Snow on a dating site, what qualities would you list?

Jenny's dating profile would be a lot of baking and family/friend photos. When it comes to the bio, it would definitely be Andy typing. Andy would translate while Jenny stress rambles about a dating 10-year plan. A prompt Jenny would include for her suitors would definitely be "Tell me what you're passionate about."

What flaws of Jenny would you definitely omit?

Oh, boy! Jenny can get lost in her passion and forget about stress management which may result in a few blowups here and there. It's only because she cares so much and wants everything to be 'just right' maybe even perfect.

Rehearsals for VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST must be more back-to-normal than your CHRISTMAS AT HOME rehearsals during the lockdown? Did you find any advantages of rehearsing via Zoom?

Interview: MEADOWLARK FALLS' Carley Herlihy Right Back in THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Spirit Filming and recording definitely felt more 'back-to-normal' because we got to actually see each other but we still rehearsed over Zoom. The only advantages over Zoom, I feel, are personal. There's no driving anywhere, you can stay comfy in your bedroom, all those staying at home perks, and of course the advantage of being safe. In terms of the actual rehearsal, I don't see any advantages. I much rather be in the creative space with the energy of all the creatives. Being able to make eye contact with your scene partner and react in real time is so much better!

When did you first physically get together with your VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST castmates?

With vaccines and negative COVID tests we got all together to film the 'home videos' and record the audio scenes at a cabin in L.A. in October for just one day.

You moved back to your hometown Nipomo in central California during the pandemic. Besides keeping creatively sane writing poetry and music, you mastered the process of video audition taping. Would you share some taping tips to your fellow auditionees?

It sounds boring, but my favorite thing that made them feel so professional and clean was my cloth royal blue backdrop. It makes a huge difference from shooting in front of a glossy painted wall. The light bounce back of glossy house paint can be distracting. Also, royal blue makes anyone pop! The ring light tripod got VERY POPULAR over quarantine, makes sense because it's awesome. But here's a way to make it look more clean in your audition videos; have a separate tripod for your camera and put your ring light a few feet back, a little above your head height, tilted slightly down and place it at a 45 degree angle on your 'good side' (if you have one). Then have your reader or eye-line on the other side of the camera. It will get rid of overexposure, the ring in your eyes, and soften up everything.

With no ring light, tack the top edges of a cloth backdrop to the ceiling in front of a window with natural light. Natural light is awesome. You can do this with a top bed sheet so it's light and won't fall easily. With the ceiling trick you won't need to find an empty wall, which can be really hard sometimes.

You're also a freelance graphic designer. Did you have any input in WELCOME TO MEADOWLARK artwork?

Meadowlark has their own awesome artistic team! Lori herself is an AMAZING artist. I still have a little Jenny figure they drew from 2019.

When did you start your YouTube channel?

I started CarCarRose Productions in 2019 when my roommate Jenae Galang and I had the idea of creating a comedic mini-series. It ended up totaling only eight episodes that were full of different sketches revolving around a three-person friend group starring Me, Jenae Galang, and Margii Brown.

What's the backstory to the title of your channel CarCarRose Productions?

CarCar is a consistent nickname I've had, and my middle name is Rose. Then in high school my Instagram name was CarCarRose. Some of my friends at school started calling me that when referring to 'my future famous self.' They would mention their 'rap names' when we'd fantasize about a glamorous life. I didn't have one, so they called me that when referring to me becoming successful in acting and singing. It was really sweet, and it made me feel very attached to the name and what they made it represent.

Interview: MEADOWLARK FALLS' Carley Herlihy Right Back in THE VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS Spirit Name a movie director you would love, love, love to work with?

It's a really hard tie between Greta Gerwig and Ari Aster. They're both amazing writers and directors. My favorite thing with Gerwig is the way she communicates with the actors. I heard that she says 'when you're ready' instead of 'action' which is a small thing that speaks volumes to the energy she must create on set. With Aster, the contents of the stories he writes and the way he tells feels like something new and insane. (Insane is a big compliment in my vocabulary.) I'm also obsessed with his use of easter eggs. Rewatching his films you get a new experience every time.

Any particular actor/actress you would love, love, love to share a scene or two with?

I would love to work with Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh. They are amazing actors that constantly inspire me.

What's in the near future for Carley Herlihy?

I have my debut short film Coping Thoughts coming out soon on CarCarRose Productions. Get updates on that release on Instagram @carcarroseproductions. I'll be diving back into LIVE regional theater fairly soon, to get updates on that follow me @carley.herlihy on Instagram. I am also coming out with an alternative/indie singer/songwriter EP 'Wanting More' with my music partner Eli Jammer towards the end of the year. Again, you can follow me on Instagram @carley.herlihy to get updates on that release and hear about our live performance in Los Angeles.

Thank you again, Carley! I look forward to experiencing your VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST.

For ticket packages containing all you need to guide you through the VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS CONTEST experience (approximately 120 minutes), including access to video and audio experiences on the Meadowlark Falls website; log onto

Order by December 3rd for guaranteed USPS Christmas delivery.

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