Vegas Performer Jason Griffith Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

Vegas Performer Jason Griffith Convicted of Second-Degree Murder

According to the Associated Press, Jason Omar Griffith, a former Las Vegas Strip performer, was convicted of second-degree murder on Thursday, May 22nd, for killing and dismembering his dancer ex-girlfriend, Deborah Flores-Narvaez.

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When the victim, Flores, disappeared in mid-December 2010, her friends, family, and authorities were left without answers for about a month before there was any word on her whereabouts. Griffith's housemate, Louis Colombo, finally spoke up in January 2011, leading police to Flores' remains which were buried in a vacant house.

Griffith claimed that his ex-girlfriend was violent, and testified that her death was a case of self-defense. According to an account by AP, "[Griffith] said he grabbed her from behind with his arms around her neck when he thought she was reaching for a purse that may have contained a gun." After no weapon was found, Griffith and Colombo worked together to cover up what had happened. Colombo recieved immunity from prosecution before leading the police to Flores' dismembered body.

The jury repudiated Griffith's allegations of self-defense despite Flores' reputation of having a temper. AP reported that Griffith said "she stalked, threatened, harassed and assaulted him when he tried to limit their time together, and that no one took him seriously despite more than a dozen calls to police for help." Flores' friends and co-workers confirmed her tendency to lose control, even in public settings.

In accordance with his claims of self-defense, Griffith made it known during his trial that Flores was aware of his polygamist tendencies. He had juggled multiple women both before and after meeting Flores, a truth she resented and wanted desperately to change.

Further, AP noted that Griffith "testified the fatal argument developed after Flores told him she was pregnant for the second time in about six months and wanted another abortion."

Upon being found guilty, Griffith blew a kiss to his mother and walked out in handcuffs sporting a numb expression. Flores' sister, Celeste Flores-Narvaez, was saddened and disappointed that the culprit was not convicted of first-degree murder.

According to AP, Prosecutor Marc DiGiacomo said "he expected Griffith to receive the maximum 10 years to life in prison at sentencing July 23."

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