How Actor and Showbiz Career Coach Spencer Glass is Championing Others to Succeed

Glass has become a champion for all actors, including reaching artists in different countries.

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Tiktok can feel self indulgent, but show biz strategist/coach Spencer Glass, to put it simply, just wants to help actors. Glass, actor and business owner of Break The Glass, a company that helps performers level-up in their careers and provides strategic direction, has taken to TikTok to relieve audition stress, and give inspirational tips, tricks, and affirmation for artists. Glass often found actors hitting their breaking point and feeling hopeless; he's determined to eliminate that feeling.

In a career path that is at times overwhelming and lonely, Glass has become a champion for all actors, including reaching artists in different countries. As audition season continues in New York, Glass is committed to giving out advice on his TikTok, as someone who deeply loves and believes in actors. As an actor himself, he knows the harsh realities of show business, and wants to make an actor's audition experience and career feel more at ease. In sessions, Glass examines clients careers, and finds and fills gaps he believes are holding back actors from reaching their greatest potential. Through business knowledge, audition mindset work, and his passion for educating actors on how to advocate for their career, Glass' clients are soaring all over show business. Glass, on his TikTok and in private client sessions, is helping actors own their artistry and enter endeavors with a clear and confident mindset. If you're looking for audition tips, guidance on how to find an agent/manager, audition coaching, and an understanding on how to advocate and own your career, Glass' TikTok and client sessions are for you.

Broadway Actors, Ryan Breslin and Jasmine Forsberg are amongst many actors who believe in Glass' work. "I would recommend Spencer Glass to any one, any age, at any crossroads in the theater industry for career coaching," said Broadway performer Ryan Breslin ("Newsies," "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory," "The Book of Mormon," "Beetlejuice"). "Not only did he help me achieve my goal of finding new representation, he helped reframe my mindset and refresh my own approach to who I am as an actor and a business person. I wouldn't even think twice to come back to him for any advice with auditions, representation, business, or branding. 10 out of 10 would recommend!" "Spencer Glass is an extraordinary coach who creates a safe space for actors to take risks and play," said current "Six" cast member Jasmine Forsberg. "He encourages actors to explore nuanced choices that ground their work in reality, and extend far beyond what's on the page. I leave every session feeling extremely prepared and well-equipped with tools I can implement in all of my work".

"No one teaches you the art of auditioning," Glass said. "People depend on being lucky!' But part of being lucky is being alert and "in the know". It's all about walking into the audition room, being clear on who you are, delivering prepared material with specific choices, knowing who is behind the table, and making sure you remain human throughout. The amount of times actors tell me they waltz into the room and instantly feel lost or have no direction in their career inspired me to help actors elevate themselves, and feel comfortable".

"Your energy can let a team know that you're ready to rock and roll," Glass said. "The way you conduct yourself, and lead with comfortability and dynamite, is sometimes more important than talent itself." For free advice and more, follow Glass on Tiktok and Instagram at @hispencerglass. For a session, email


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