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Posted: December 22, 2013

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TIME AND THE CONWAYS - Submit for NY Appointment
Old Globe Theatre
San Diego, CA

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Casting: Caparelliotis Casting
Artistic Director: Barry Edelstein
Director: Rebecca Taichman
LORT Non-Rep
Submissions from AEA members only for these appointments.

Note: In order to be considered via this posting, the AEA member must submit him/herself directly.

NYC Auditions will be held on an upcoming date TBD, by appointment only.
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Other Dates
1st Rehearsal: 3/4/14
1st Preview: 3/29/14
Opens: 4/3/14
Closes: 5/4/14

Time and the Conways concerns the Conways, a moneyed Yorkshire family presided over by the widowed matriarch, MRS. CONWAY. In three acts, set over a period of nineteen years from 1919 to 1937, we see how the seeds of discontent and resentment in the characters' early years bloom into full blown acrimony, bitterness and emotional tyranny as they come together in 1937 to face a family fiscal crisis. MRS CONWAY ages from 45 to 65 in the play. Actors playing all of the other characters save CAROLE age from early 20's - 30's to early 40's -50's. Please submit actors in their late 20's to mid 30's to play these roles, or use your best discretion as to actors who might cut split the difference appropriately.


plays 46 and 65. A woman of fierce contradictions. At 46, the widowed matriarch of the Conway family, charming, vain, grand, vivacious, theatrical, critical and occasionally vicious to her children, showing distinct and painful preferences. Particularly awful to MADGE. At 65, in debt, largely due to giving away too much money to her eldest, hard-drinking son ROBIN; impervious to her own role in the loss of the family money; claims to want the family business meeting to discuss the failing family finances to be 'nice and friendly', though she soon begins shooting stinging darts of recrimination at each of her children, calling them to the mat over what she sees as their failures and shortcomings.

plays 25 and 44. At 25, eldest son of MRS. CONWAY, in love with family friend JOAN. Bookish, shy, quiet, carelessly dressed, cheerful, modest, clerk at Town Hall, not much ambition. At 44, still lives with MRS. CONWAY, unmarried, still a clerk, shabby, still shy and awkward though loveable and helpful, has a quiet poise, serenity and certainty. The only one who's happy. Cares for long-dead sister CAROL's grave.

plays 23 and 42. At 23, dashing, flirtatious, favorite son of MRS. CONWAY, just out of the army. At 42 has married family friend JOAN, had 2 kids, abandoned them, is a hard-drinker, bitter, unsuccessful, sardonic, fritters away money given to him by MRS. CONWAY.

plays 23 and 42. At 23, eldest daughter of MRS. CONWAY, serious, responsible, enthusiastic, fiery, optimistic Socialist, in love with GERALD. At 41, emotionally stringent school mistress, bitter, unmarried, severe, neurotic, contemptuous, meticulous in her own life’s details, righteous. Feels MRS. CONWAY destroyed the seed of love between her and GERALD years before. Vows never to return to the house in Act II.

plays 22 and 41. At 22, favorite child and daughter of MRS. CONWAY, prettiest girl in town, poised, playful, haughty, golden, beautiful, materialistic, disdainful of ERNEST, because she can be. At 41, has married ERNEST and had 2 kids, still beautiful, but fearful, subdued, ashamed, desperate; frightened of and controlled by ERNEST. Secretly lends money to ROBIN, terrified her ERNEST will find out.

plays 21 and 40. At 21, aspiring writer, clever, sensitive, almost solemn, highly self-critical, at times deeply moved by sudden waves of emotion. At 40, lives in London, unmarried, measured, has long term affair with a married man with kids, writes frivolous celebrity columns though longs to write a novel; her pragmatism might be calcifying into resignation. It's the night of her birthday in each Act.

to play16. The youngest of the Conways. Joyful, enchanting, tender, caring, creative. Budding actress, dies very young. Just wants to ‘live’! KAY is her favorite sister.

plays early 30’s and early 50’s. At early 30s, tall, good-looking, carefully dressed, pleasant, smart, tremendous potential, young lawyer, maybe in love with MADGE, brings his friend ERNEST to the party. At early 50s, grey, dry, hard, cold lawyer, bachelor, manages MRS. CONWAY's money. Despairing of the financial situation/mess of the family in Act II but does not want to get involved in the family politics.

plays 30 and 50. At 30, short, shy, awkward, lower social status than the Conways, nascent but driven business-man, not without self-confidence despite his bearing and station. Has been pursuing HAZEL and strikes up a courtship. At about 50 married to HAZEL with 2 kids, no longer shy, very wealthy, very sharp, grim, contemptuous, vengeful. Emotionally abusive to HAZEL. Gets what he wants.

plays 22 and 41. At 22, a friend of HAZEL, nice, foolish, pretty, is in love with ROBIN. Pursues Alan during a game of HIDE AND SEEK, rejects ALAN's advances. At 41 has married and been abandoned by ROBIN, has 2 kids with him, is verging on poverty; has let her appearance go, querulous, fairly miserable, resentful, grating to the others, insecure. ALAN is somewhat of a father figure to her children with ROBIN.

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