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Posted: May 19, 2014

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EDDIE AND THE PALACEADES - submit for appointment
Roy O’Neil/Pine Hill Production Company | New York, NY

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Jamibeth Margolis Casting Attn: EDDIE
676A 9th Avenue
Suite 126
New York NY 10036


Prod: Roy O’Neil/Pine Hill Production Company
Cons Prodr: The Show Goes On Productions
Comp: Stephen Feigenbaum
Book/Lyrics: Roy O’Neil
Dir/Casting Dir: Jamibeth Margolis
Music Dir: TBA

$300/actor (Showcase approval pending)

Equity actors, male and female. See breakdown for more information.

Please send headshot and resume to be considered for an audition by appointment.

Other Dates
First rehearsal: June 16, 2014
July 15 at 6pm
July 21 at 8pm
July 26 at 7pm
July 30 at 8pm
August 2 at 3pm
August 3 at 3:30pm

Production will be part of the 2014 Midtown International Theatre Festival (Venue: June Havoc Theatre)


Show Website:

Show Synopsis: This is a story about a family break-up and reunion. Eddie Doyle is an over the hill one hit wonder who runs for mayor to save the Palace Theater where he and his band The Palaceades got their start. His decision to enter politics causes conflict and disruption in the family and his wife and daughter leave him to pursue their ambitions in New York. After they each encounter failure in their individual endeavor they realize the importance of home and family and through this realization find a new path to success.


NOTE: Ideally we would like to cast instrument playing actor-singers in the roles of Eddie, Gracie, and Vinny. We will accept submissions from performers who do not play instruments as well.

Eddie Doyle: Male, Age 50s. Bari-tenor
Eddie’s fundraising concert for the Palace is interrupted by Mayor Biggie Williams and Eddie vows to show him who’s boss. Eddie is proud with a stubborn streak, loyal to his family with a rosey-eyed parochial view of his hometown. Plays acoustic rhythm guitar.

**Gracie Doyle: Female, Age 50s. Mezzo
Gracie wants to go back on the road and restart her singing career now that their daughter is grown and moved out. An irreverent trouble maker who also has a strong family loyalty. Plays acoustic guitar.

Mary Doyle: Female, Age 20s. Mezzo
Mary has ambitions to be a celebrity writer. Currently writing for Money Magazine in Manhattan has no lost love for her hometown which she thinks is a dump and was happy to escape.

Vinny Moriarty: Male, Age 50s. Bari-tenor.
Vinny is Eddie’s long time friend and bandmate. He is still recovering from the recent loss of his wife to cancer. Vinny is more out-going and social than Eddie and is the brains behind his mayoral campaign. Plays acoustic bass guitar.

**Ryan Moriarty: Male, Age 20s. Tenor
Ryan is Vinny’s son and has been filling in on drums with the passing of his mom. He is a Dudley do-right confident in his own choices who still has a crush on Mary who was his high school sweetheart before she split from their hometown.

**Roz Sherwood: Female, Age 40s +/- Mezzo
Roz is an Editor at Money Magazine and Mary’s boss. Like Mary she moved to New York for her career and the excitement of big city living. Generally good natured but can be sharp-tongued and prickley. Single but still looking for the right man.

Biggie Williams: Male, Age 40s +/- Bari-tenor
Biggie is the Mayor and boss of Brass City. He has no respect for culture, art or history, only for new development that will bring in taxes and jobs and political payoffs to his own benefit. As the situation requires he can be gruff and domineering or turn on the charm and schmooze.

**Mama Cerelli: Female, Age 60s. Mezzo.
Mama Cerelli is a widow who operates a local Italian restaurant. She still has some old Italy flavor to her speech and personality. A little mysterious, she may be a witch. Has a magic potion. Carries a little bit of a crush on Vinny.

**Joey DeSoto: Male, Age 30s. Tenor
Joey is Mayor Biggie’s political protégé. Ambitious lawyer type politician.

**Angel Perez: Could be either sex, Age 50s
Angel is a seasoned political hack.

**Ruby Smith: Could be either sex, Age 50s
Ruby also seasoned political hack.

**Asterisked characters may need to double one or more of the show's incidental characters, such as Announcer, Voters, Protestors, Campaign Crew.

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