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CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN THEATRE FESTIVAL 2011-12 SEASON - Contemporary American Theatre Festival Auditions

Posted: March 10, 2011

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Contemporary American Theatre Festival 2011-12 Season

– EPAs in WV

(Shepherdstown, WV)Equity LORT Rep D; $566/week minimum

Producing Director: Ed Herendeen

Associate Producing Director: Peggy McKowen

1strehearsal: June 7, 2011. 1stpreview: July 6, 2011.

Season opens: July 8, 2011. Season closes: July 31, 2011 All shows in rotating rep.

Equity Principal Auditions by APPOINTMENT:

Saturday, April 5, 2011at Center for Contemporary Arts

ANDShepherd University

Sunday, April 6, 201192 West Campus Drive, Room 202

Shepherdstown, WV 25443

9 AM – 5 PM each day(approx. 40 miles west of Washington, DC)

Lunch from 1 - 2.

For an appointment, contact Peggy McKowen, Please indicate preference for audition day and time.

Prepare a 2 minute contemporary monologue.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

We are seeking a cast of versatile actors to play multiple roles in this rotating repertory season. Please note: characters will probably be doubled as detailed below, but these pairings are subject to change.


THE INSURGENTS (World Premiere)

by Lucy Thurber

Director: Lear deBessonet


by Sam Shepard

Director: Ed Herendeen


by David Mamet

Director: Ed Herendeen


by Tracy Thorne

Director: Lucie Tiberghien

Note: This is a play with music (not a musical). Actors auditioning for characters who play instruments in this production will not be asked to play the instruments at these particular auditions

FROM PRAGUE (World Premiere)

by Kyle Bradstreet

Director: Ed Herendeen


Actor 1:

John Brown, THE INSURGENTS: Late 50s. White. A frontiersman. A soldier. Passionate, intelligent. A revolutionary/Bryon, AGES OF THE MOON: Mid 60s. Strong. Physically fit. Good sense of humor. Passionate. A friend.

Actor 2:

Nat Turner, THE INSURGENTS: 31 years old. African American. A farmer. A soldier. A slave. A revolutionary. Passionate and poetic. Strong voice.

Actor 3:

Harriet Tubman, THE INSURGENTS: Late 30s. African American. Dark skin. A soldier. A spy. Escaped slave. Violent. Passionate and poetic. A woman of action/Shawn, WE ARE HERE: 31-36 years old. African American. Dark skin. The smartest one in the family. Angry. Not as pretty as her sister.*Plays guitar and sings.

Actor 4:

Timothy McVeigh, THE INSURGENTS: Mid-late 20s. White. A soldier. A veteran. A revolutionary. A terrorist. A small town boy/Hal, WE ARE HERE: 30s. White. Billie’s husband. Charming with a good sense of humor. Passionate, romantic. A truly decent guy.

Actor 5:

Sally, THE INSURGENTS: Mid 20s. White. A country girl. Middle-class. Southern. Strong willed. Tough.

Actor 6:

Jack, RACE: Late 40s-late 50s. White. A lawyer. Well dressed. Intelligent. Aggressive. Strong. Quick with language/AMES, AGES OF THE MOON: 60s. White. Strong. Physically fit. Charming, violent. He has a temper.

Actor 7:

Henry, RACE: Late 40s-late 50s. African American. A lawyer. Well dressed. Intelligent. Powerful voice…deep voice. Strong. Quick with language. Aggressive.

Actor 8:

Charles, RACE: Late 40s-50s. White. Wealthy tycoon, an executive. Elite education. Well known. Arrogant, spoiled. Frightened and desperate/Everett, WE ARE HERE: Early 60’s. White. “A boring white guy with a soul.” A father. Educated and wealthy. *Plays piano.

Actor 9:

Susan, RACE: Late 20s-30s. African American. Attractive and sexy. Strong-willed. Intelligent. Dangerous/Billie, WE ARE HERE: Late 20s-30s. Mixed-race. Light-skin. Alluring and smart. Always sure of herself. *Plays piano and sings.

Actor 10:

Samuel, FROM PRAGUE: Mid 50s-60s. White. College professor. Worn. Weathered, Drinks. Unkempt. Passion and guilty. Appreciates beauty in language…loves words…poetic. Raised Catholic. A disgraced academic.

Actor 11:

Charles, FROM PRAGUE: 30s-mid 30s. White. Sloppy in appearance. A beer drinker…lots! Intelligent. Devout Catholic. Like his father he is good with language…poetic. He still lives at home.

Actor 12:

Anna, FROM PRAGUE: 20s-30. White. Sexually attractive and aware of it. Raised Catholic but now an ardent atheist. A lover of words…poetic. An ex-patriot living in Prague. Rebellious.

Actor 13:

Vera, WE ARE HERE: Late 50s. African American. Billie and Shawn’s mother. She has an unusually affirmative; “take no prisoners” point of view on everyone and everything. Strong and intelligent. * She sings.

Actor 14:

Eli, WE ARE HERE: 18 or older to look 13. African American. He has a little kid’s body with a young-man’s rowdy mind. * He sings like a choir boy…a beautiful, heartbreaking voice.

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