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Review: CINDERELLA at Fulton Theatre

Playing happily ever after (or at least until January 2!)

Review: CINDERELLA at Fulton Theatre

The Fulton's Christmas production of Cinderella is a real-life fairy tale. With lavish costumes, intricate sets, and a large, talented cast, this is a show designed for "happily ever afters". Although this show isn't specifically Christmas-themed, it is obvious that the Fulton pulled out all the stops, both creative and financial to bring their traditionally elaborate December production to the stage. Adam Koch and Travis Grant (among others) should be commended for their design work on the show's set and costumes. They created a magic spectacle of a show, rich with beauty and appeal.

Expect to be impressed as soon as you reach your seat. You will be greeted with an intricate die-cut framing around the stage. There is also a beautiful and colorful castle-themed curtain to appreciate. It only gets more impressive once the show starts.

Manna Nichols stars as the eponymous character. She has a very nice voice and gains the audience's sympathy almost immediately. Jonathan Mousset plays Christopher (the Prince Charming of this version). The couple have good chemistry and their scenes shine.

Daniella Dalli, Carolyn Anne Miller, and Kalen Robinson are featured as Cinderella's stepmother and step-sisters, respectively. All three ladies bring a sense of realism to their performance. They masterfully convey their characters' humor and cruelty without ever being over the top.

AnnEliza Canning-Skinner plays the fairy godmother with poise and grace. Her solo songs were spectacular and did a great job of highlighting her range.

The score was enjoyable and moved the story forward. Perhaps this shouldn't surprise me since this is the work of Rodgers and Hammerstein. While some songs are reminiscent of their work, at no times did it seem derivative. The Fulton's impeccable 17-piece orchestra also make good music great.

Director and choreographer, Marc Robin has a cohesive vision for the show and every actor and technician seemed to work in tandem to make that vision a reality.

Cinderella is a perfectly sized glass slipper of a show. Performances run now through January 2. Tickets and more info can be found on their website.

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