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Musical Theatre Factory's TUNE IN TUESDAYS Continues With DIANA OH IN CONCERT

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Musical Theatre Factory's TUNE IN TUESDAYS Continues With DIANA OH IN CONCERT

Musical Theatre Factory Tune In Tuesdays continues on June 30th with Diana Oh in Concert. Join us to rock out at an evening of thrilling performance, conversation, and kick-ass music by Diana Oh and Matt Park. This concert/party will feature songs from their 24 Hour Punk set, written at The National Black Theatre and commissioned by NYMF, and material from Diana's new solo work CLAIRVOYANCE (Oh's Culminating Concert, Tree Planting, and Museum Retrospective of their yearlong Installation residency centering QTPOC magic, April 2019).

Diana Oh's 24 Hour Punk is exactly what it sounds like, Diana and Matt aka CUTE locked themselves in a space for 24 hours and wrote brand new music in a 24 hour period, so by the time the 24 hours was up, a brand new concert was performed for an audience. All the music and the songs were written within a 24 hour period. The opposite of overthinking and everything in being all in it together. The music was written and performed by Diana Oh (a Korean-American party animal) and Matt Park (a HAPA Korean-American dad) -- together, things get weird.

Diana Oh is a witch. She knows it. So do her closest friends. Clairvoyance runs in her family. She went to a spiritual counselor in the jungle in Thailand, and the spiritual counselor told her to sing and go wild in Boston. Everything else the spiritual counselor said came true, so Diana is doing it. Clairvoyance is an exchange of energy designed to bypass the bullshit and celebrate the knowledge of our bodies. It's a concert, it's a party, with moments of divination.

MTF will stream the concert as a YouTube Premiere at 8PM EST on June 30, 2020. In addition, Diana will host live pre- and post- show playdates on MTF's instagram account. Diana revisits CLAIRVOYANCE & 24 Hour Punk after 2 years of some full-circle shit. Come hear about what the full-circle is when she has a play date with you. Diana will be having a play date with Matt Park! Mei Ann Teo! Fluffy! Zissou! You! Ryan J. Haddad! Please Ryan PLEASE????!!! Root the Revolution in JOY yippee kaiii YAY bromies!!! Playdates start before the show at at 7:50pm Diana will go live to and will continue pre-show at approximately 9:45pm.

Mei Ann Teo (Producing Artistic Director) at MTF says, "Diana Oh weaves her magic in multiple ways. Is it the total fearlessness? The brilliance that knows no bounds? The radical spirit of revolution plus sex positivity vibes? Or the punk rock badassery matched with a deep kind heart? However they do it, it reverberates in music that is utterly unapologetic, alive and unforgettable."

Diana Oh says, "Quotation marks!"

Link to the Diana Oh in Concert Facebook event can be found here.

Viewers wishing to participate in the pre- and post- show experience can follow @MTFmusicals on Instagram.

MTF's TUNE IN series will continue with rebroadcasts of the following concert, filmed live at Joe's Pub. All streams will begin at 8PM EST with the live pre-show beginning at 7:50PM:

July 14, 2020: Cheeyang Ng presents Who is Cheeyang Ng?

And more to come! Links to all forthcoming events will be continually updated on MTF's Facebook Page.

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