Feature: Spotlight On Meagan Michelson - A Video Library

A musical theater beltress turned a lot of frowns upside down with a little thing called HOUSEBOUND SOUNDS.

10 Videos To Get Us Worked Up For WOMEN OF AN ERA Starring Hannah Jane At Chelsea Table + StageYa hafta respect creatives who can't be deterred. Meagan Michelson's website declares that she is the "Ethel Merman for a new age" and when an entertainer has a voice that big, it must never be silenced. So when the pandemic hit the shores of America and the performing artists of the country lost their artistic outlets, Meagan turned on her camera and went to work.

In the last year, Meagan Michelson has filmed forty-one music videos in an online series titled HOUSEBOUND SOUNDS and shared them on her Facebook page and her YouTube channel. Performing from home - sometimes with her sweetheart, Helen Deborah Lewis, on guitar - Ms. Michelson has sung everything from Broadway belt-y classics to iconic pop songs. She has delivered some Ursula the Sea Witch, some King George, and some Winifred Sanderson. She has embodied served Carole King, Billy Joel, and Lulu, and, yes, she has even done a little Mama Rose. Meagan Michelson has been an ongoing source of musical, comedic, and poignant entertainment since April 25th, 2020, much to the delight and relief of her social media followers.

When the artists of the world evolve with the changing needs of society it shows just how resilient, determined, and powerful they are.

See specially selected videos from HOUSEBOUND SOUNDS below and then visit Meagan's YouTube channel HERE and website HERE.

Housebound Sounds #1 - You've Got A Friend

Housebound Sounds #5 - Cornet Man

Housebound Sounds #9 - And So It Goes

Housebound Sounds #12 - Every Night At Seven

Housebound Sounds #15 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

Housebound Sounds #16 - Blackbird

Housebound Sounds #18 - To Sir, With Love

Housebound Sounds #19 - Angel of the Morning

Housebound Sounds #25 - Here You Come Again

Housebound Sounds #26 - I Put a Spell On You

Housebound Sounds #29 - Blow Gabriel Blow

Housebound Sounds #31 - You'll Be Back

Housebound Sounds #40 - Son of a Preacher Man

Meagan Michelson's headshot was by Michael Kushner.


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