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BWW Feature: At Home With Grace Garland

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BWW Feature: At Home With Grace Garland

The audience was buzzing with anticipation because they knew what was coming next, they knew who was coming to the stage, and they were ready for her. Last year at the BIG RED AND THE BOYS Christmas show at Feinstein's/54 Below, Meghan Murphy invited the writer of the holiday tune Single Jingle Mingle to join her and the boys in this modern holiday classic that rocks the house down. Together, the two larger than life divas tore up the joint, gave the best they've got to the crowd, and supported one another, diva to diva, woman to woman. That is because, from the moment they met, the two powerful women have seen what is special in the other.

BWW Feature: At Home With Grace Garland

Grace Garland has spent her life giving of herself, on the stage and off but there is something decidedly significant about that which she gives from her place in the spotlight. Ms. Garland entertains the audience as an entity, engages the audience members as individuals, and emboldens all to live in the light as best they can. This has, long, been her mission as a performer singing in cabaret rooms, nightclubs, jazz joints, theaters, and high-rise lobbies in every borough of New York, bringing her sass, style, sexiness, and sympathy to audiences looking for a little light in their lives - and, boy, does she succeed.

Speaking personally, this writer met Grace Garland in the '90s when she was in the original cast of the musical THE LAST SESSION. I was brought in to photograph the cast for some ad campaign mock-ups. Ms. Garland and I became friends and for years I have gone to hear her play out and she has appeared before my camera - she is a shining example of what it is to be a friend and to be an actor who truly cares about the audience experience. When people refer to someone as being a "force of nature" they might as well be talking about Grace Garland, and Grace is a force for good, bringing her own brand of madcap merriment, mayhem and mirth wherever she goes.

This interview was conducted digitally and is reproduced exactly as Ms. Garland sent it back, in order to capture the wonderful and wacky Grace Garland in all her glory.

Name: Grace Garland
Official website:
Social media:
Instagram HERE
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Grace Garland Official YouTube Channel HERE
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First Cabaret Show (Title, Year, Club):
THIS 1st question stopped me cold!! :) WOW... The more that I tried to recall...the more that I ONLY remembered the EXPERIENCES, not the venues or the time line...So THIS is what I will talk about, if you don't mind, Stephen :)

As most singers in New York City, I performed either with a pianist, or my Trio/Band, at almost ALL of the Cabaret houses from the Village to the upper West side, and a couple on the East side too...(most of which no longer exist, OR the names have changed a few times over the years.) :)

The one thing that remains the same is "the mailing list"...but NOW how many followers one has on social media is key.

The memories both pleasant and unpleasant came flooding back to I was sabotaged by one person who booked a venue, because I preferred to use MY Band/Musicians, NOT the "house band"... He spread the word that I was NOT Professional or "very good", and critics should avoid my Shows! They did, but the audiences LOVED me... & everyone who knows me, KNOOOOWS that I LOVE my audience! btw I found out when one of those critics was encouraged to attend by a bff to see me LIVE, and he gave me a great Review (I wish I could find it) :) :)
The BEST memory of all of the Cabaret days was meeting Sidney Myer! Ahhhh, THE MAGIC PAN was my home once a week for quite awhile, and Sidney made the experience pure JOY!... Later, of course, Don't Tell Mama was added to my Cabaret journey of joy, with Bobby Kneeland's lighting...It made me feel as if I was a Headliner in Vegas! Oh and of course being on the roster of a number of successful fundraising Jamie deRoy Shows/Concerts along the way.

Most Recent Cabaret Show:
THAT'S an EASY one...Performing at 54 Below with BIG RED AND THE BOYS! That was a dream come true...and SOOOOOO much FUN! #OfftheBucketList

Grace Garland, you are industriously spreading love, joy, and positivity on your social media - tell me about that current quest of yours.

Stephen, as you well know, in this "Business of Show" many will go out of their way to point out, or pick at what is viewed, by them, as a flaw... It's important to remind NOT ONLY the people in my circle of Friends & Music/Film Business associates, but MYSELF to keep the "light shining in your brain & soul!" :) Plus it's always nice to connect with like minded positive people... and during this pandemic, a number of people have made sure to tell me, that those posts were helpful! That TRULY warmed my heart :)

What's keeping you centered during the quarantine?

I have to admit, that in the beginning it was nice to "unplug without guilt."
I took the time to be OFF-THE-GRID... No selfies, no streaming, no anything, but taking the time to re-boot!!

Not being a "vacation" person, this time forced me to not feel obligated to keep all of the balls in the air... It felt great to relax! Slowly I started to feel creative again, there was once again room in my brain, and TIME, to do something, like finally have my website updated... or prep new music for my new CD... and a Single to be released in August that will make you smile!! Yet there was no pressure to do anything or be anywhere! Don't get me wrong, YES! this unknown world, this new normal was and IS scary, yet you find out who cares about you, who & what you care about too!

BWW Feature: At Home With Grace Garland

You've sung in almost every kind of venue, but you gravitate toward the small jazz rooms and blues venues - what is it about that ambiance that appeals to you?

To look into their eyes! :) Nothing beats that feeling! Not to mention having a "Thursday Music Residency" for OVER 10 years, with my Duo/Trio, at Anyway Cafe-2nd Ave in NYC is golden! People coming from Germany, Australia, France, Russia, midtown Manhattan or the Bronx, JUST TO SEE YOU is sooooo cool! :) To have them come in HUG you, while you are in mid-song and say: "I had to bring my friend/mom/boyfriend here!

It's THURSDAY, it's Grace Garland'S night" That can only happen in a small room. :) :)

What are the isolation essentials in your household?

Well, besides the cleaning & something good to cook stuff and, of course, paper towels, toilet paper, etc...
1. Stand-up Comedy or Old movies, and music of ALL types at the ready
2. Sardines and crackers; George Clooney's tequila, bubble bath, scented candles
3. Comfortable clothes, cute panties, a box of Bday & miscellaneous cards as well as an assortment of forever stamps, and GLITTER!! :) :)

BWW Feature: At Home With Grace Garland

You are a writer as well as a performer, with songs and books to your credit. What are you writing these days?

It's not so much about writing something new, right now, but re-discovering the songs I've written! Also, keeping notes of tales for the next book...

You have always been a shutterbug, never without a camera, and getting snaps of everything - how happy were you when Instagram came along to give you a platform for your camera activity?

At first, the fact that IG doesn't allow one to use pics from their computer was quite frustrating, so it took time for me to figure out HOW to post... Thanks to the kindness and PATIENCE of my Award-winning Actress/Playwright Friend Richarda Abrams,
I was finally set up to use IG properly, and NOW, I totally adore the simplicity of sharing pics, positive vibes, and memories galore!

Grace, I'd love to hear about Lifebeat Hearts and Voices.

BWW Feature: At Home With Grace GarlandOriginating the character "Diva" in an Off-Bway Show dealing with HIV/AIDS started the ball rolling with an invitation to be a Volunteer Entertainer for those in Hospitals, etc. living with HIV/AIDS by someone who saw the Show. I'd heard of LIFEbeat, and had always wanted to do it. It is by far the most rewarding gift to give... to make a person in pain smile!

Actually the residents at the facilities, were the 1st ones to request and adore my original song 'SUPER NOVA' (aka: Send Me Someone) A special thank you, especially to the residents of Rivington House.

BWW Feature: At Home With Grace Garland

Who are the artists that inspired you while you were developing your artistic style and work ethic?

Miss Nancy Wilson (meeting her and getting her Blessing); Chuck Berry, and the group The Commodores gave me the best Show BUSINESS advice; PINK, although I've never met her, she's a fearless Entertainer; seeing Miss Tina Turner LIVE, her pure energy and excitement on Stage; and my 1st Entertainment attorney who taught me that's it OK to walk away from a contract if it's not right!

Grace, what is the secret to throwing a really good party?
hahahaha Not one to give many parties, I DO know, however, that it's important to have a diverse mix of friends, good food, good music, and ambiance that says: "I just want to relax in this moment without fear or judgement!"

Diva Grace, thanks for chatting with me today - you're one of a kind and I love you.

Stephen Mosher, I adored you from the first moment we met! :) :)... Not to mention, you have taken the coolest pics of me! :) :) AND... my biggest thrill... I'm in your "SWEATER BOOK"... Thank-you for being YOU!!! :) :) xoxo

BWW Feature: At Home With Grace GarlandBWW Feature: At Home With Grace GarlandBWW Feature: At Home With Grace GarlandBWW Feature: At Home With Grace GarlandBWW Feature: At Home With Grace GarlandPhotos by Stephen Mosher, except for shots in which he appears, which are courtesy of Grace Garland.

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