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BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST SWING ACT, SOLO OR BAND

But you DO got that swing - and it's right here.

BWW Feature: And The Nominees Are... BEST SWING ACT, SOLO OR BANDThey say that it don't mean a thing... And honestly, they are right. There are a lot of people out there who love the sound of swing music, even all these years after the sound was first created. Thank goodness for artists like these who continue to keep alive the sound and the glory of that is known as swing. Sure, you can always buy a CD or do a YouTube crawl for some good swing music - but there is an extra excitement that comes from the experience of being in a room listening to a live band swing. It's uplifting and life-affirming - a truly thrilling way to spend a night out.

These are three artists who have played the nightclubs of New York City -- I know there are other swing bands and singers, but these are the only ones nominated in this category this year, and they are truly exceptional, whether live and in person, on a CD or video, or through the live streaming events that have kept them and their fans going these last eight months.


Nicolas King: A show business veteran by the age of ten, King can and will sing anything, but when he swings there is a fire in the sky. Few have better natural instincts or skills (that's right - no formal training) and fans will always turn up to hear what death-defying acts he will achieve with his voice on any given day. Nicolas King WEBSITE.

Fleur Seule: This band that covers jazz, standards, swing, and everything is one of New York's most frequently booked acts. With the swoon-worthy retro-style of frontwoman Allyson Briggs, and the eye-popping skills of the band, Fleur Seule is never out of work and never without an audience of enormity, and that is as it should be because they are The End. Fleur Seule WEBSITE.

The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra: This swing band out of Georgia is led by equally dreamy Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson and on the occasions that they play New York City, the fans fill the seats because a chance to see them in action is not to be missed, though a longer run of shows is always welcome. Maybe after the global health crisis ends NYC can hope for just such a gift. The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra WEBSITE.

Vote for your choice of BEST SWING ACT, SOLO OR BAND HERE.

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