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Tribeca Shortlist Highlights for November Features OPERATION AVALANCHE and SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER


Tribeca Shortlist has released its list of November offerings and highlights, including an exclusive streaming of Operation Avalanche and Saturday Night Fever.

STREAMING EXCLUSIVE: Operation Avalanche
Available for streaming ONLY on Tribeca Shortlist starting November 8, 2017

Release Date: November 8, 2017, streaming exclusively on Tribeca Shortlist
Running Time: 94 mins
Directed By: Matt Johnson
Written By: Josh Boles, Matt Johnson
Producers: Nate Bolotin, Peter Harvey, Lee Kim, Matthew Miller, Jared Raab, Nick Spicer, John Stead, Aram Tertzakian
Editor: Curt Lobb
Directors of Photography: Andrew Appelle, Jared Raab
Featuring: Matt Johnson, Owen Williams, Jared Raab

Synopsis: At the height of the Cold War in the 1960s, CIA agents Matt and Owen (played by director/co-writer Matt Johnson and Owen Williams) are sent undercover to NASA posing as a documentary film crew to investigate a potential Russian mole. Once there, however, they discover instead that NASA won't be able to land on the moon as they'd publicly promised, and subsequently become involved in a government plot to fake the entire thing.


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Twitter/Instagram: #OperationAvalanche @OpAvalanche @TribecaSL
Website: /

Saturday Night Fever Turns 40 in December! See it now on Tribeca Shortlist Until November 30, 2017 --
Don't miss the movie that made John Travolta a superstar. This instant classic became a pop-culture juggernaut thanks in part to its iconic opening sequence and landmark bestselling soundtrack.

Running Time: 119 mins
Directed By: John Badham
Written By: Nik Cohn (story "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night", Norman Wexler (screenplay)
Producers: Milt Felsen, Kevin McCormick, Robert Stigwood
Editor: David Rawlins
Directors of Photography: Ralf D. Bode
Music By: Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb
Featuring: John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller

Synopsis: By day, Travolta's Tony Manero is a Brooklyn paint store clerk who still lives at home with his parents and doesn't have much going for him. But by night, the leisure suit-clad Tony is a disco king dominating the [lit up] dance floor. When his favorite club announces a dance competition, Tony convinces the beautiful, talented, and also-trying-to-make-it-outta-Brooklyn Stephanie Mangano to be his partner, and the two begin training together.

Celebrating National Novel Writing Month- From Page to Screen
Celebrate National Novel Writing Month with these adapted favorites!
Available on Tribeca Shortlist Beginning November 1st

A Selection of New Titles Beginning November 1

(for a full listing please go to on November 1st):

Operation Avalanche (2016, Matt Johnson) - A fake documentary about faking the moon landing.

We Are The Best! (2013, Coco Moodysson, Lukas Moodysson) - Three young Swedish MISFITS form an all-girl punk band.

Silent Night (2012, Steven C. Miller) - A killer Santa Claus is on the loose.

50/50 (2011, Jonathan Levine) - Two friends band together when one is diagnosed with cancer.

Headhunters (2011, Morten Tyldum) - Everything comes at a price. Some choose to ignore it.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010, Jalmari Helander) - The real nightmare before Christmas.

Bronson (2009, Nicolas Winding Refn) - Tom Hardy as the UK's most dangerous criminal.

Comanche Moon (2008, Simon Wincer) - Meet the famous Texas Ranger, pre-Lonesome Dove.

3:10 to Yuma (2007, James Mangold) 11/8* - Russell Crowe and Christian Bale remake the 1957 Western.

You Kill Me (2007, John Dahl) - Because the mob never really lets you go.

Akeelah and the Bee (2006, Doug Atchison) - A new face makes the National Spelling Bee.

Hard Candy (2005, David Slade) - A vigilante teenager entraps a sexual predator.

Beyond The Sea (2004, Kevin Spacey) 11/7* - Kevin Spacey's passion project about 1950s crooner Bobby Darin.

Bad Santa (2003, Terry Zwigoff) - A black comedy with a thieving department store Santa Claus.

The Importance of Being Earnest (2002, Oliver Parker) - Oscar Wilde's classic comedy of manners, led by Colin Firth.

Cecil B. Demented (2000, John Waters) - John Waters' savage satire of mainstream movies.

The Way Of The Gun (2000, Christopher McQuarrie) - Two criminals kidnap the wrong woman.

What's Cooking? (2000, Gurinder Chadha) - It's Thanksgiving dinner with four very different families.

I Went Down (1997, Paddy Breathnach) - Two Irish conmen are forced to hit the road. Together.

Thieves (Les Voleurs) (1996, André Téchiné) - A complex French crime drama starring Catherine Deneuve.

Swimming With Sharks (1994, George Huang) - Kevin Spacey is the boss from hell.

Luna Park (1992, Pavel Lungin) - A skinhead learns his long-lost father is actually Jewish.

Mermaids (1990, Richard Benjamin) - Cher heads up the unconventional family in this '90s classic.

The Dead (1987, John Huston) - A wife's remembrances lead her husband to an epiphany.

Overboard (1987, Garry Marshall) - A screwball, riches-to-rags comedy.

Hammett (1982, Wim Wenders) - German director Wim Wenders' ultra-stylish American debut.

1941 (1979, Steven Spielberg) - Spielberg's screwball take on post-Pearl Harbor panic.

Serie Noire (1979, Alain Corneau) - Alain Corneau's unsettling French crime film.

The Warriors (1979, Walter Hill) - Walter Hill's cult classic NYC gang film. Can you dig it?

The Duelists (1978, Ridley Scott) - Two French soldiers can't stop fighting.

The Return Of The Pink Panther (1975, Blake Edwards) - The famous "Pink Panther" diamond is stolen - again.

Rider on the Rain (Le Passager de La Pluie) (1970, René Clément) - A masterful French mystery in the tradition of Hitchcock.

The Lion In Winter (1968, Anthony Harvey) - Royal intrigue infiltrates the holiday season in medieval France.

Darling (1965, John Schlesinger) - A cynical social satire set in swinging '60s London.

The Servant (1964, Joseph Losey) - A sly, twisted masterpiece of manners.

The Great Escape (1963, John Sturges) - A true story, a marvelous cast, WWII drama and Steve McQueen.

High Noon (1952, Fred Zinnemann) - Gary Cooper in arguably the best Western ever made.

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