THE BACHELOR's Tierra Now Engaged?

THE BACHELOR's Tierra Now Engaged?

Yesterday, rumors began circulating that BACHELOR villain 'Tierra' has become engaged to someone she was dating prior to her participation on the ABC reality show. In a phone call with the press this morning, Bachelorette AshLee Frazier, who is still in contention for Sean's heart, commented on the surprising news of Tierra's upcoming nuptials.

"I did hear about [the engagement]," says AshLee. "If she is, I wish her all the best. But I don't really know any details on that ... I don't know who it is. If it is true, no, [I'm not surprised]. It's Tierra. I wouldn't be surprised."

On this week's episode, AshLee had a heated confrontation with Tierra, who she admits, she considered a friend up to that point. She revealed to the press that after the argument, she feared that her days on the show might be numbered.

"100% I was scared. I thought this might be the time I go home," she explained. "I felt safe up until the argument happened, and really almost up until Sean came in for the Rose Ceremony and said he didn't want any dramatic spills in life ... then I got scared."

She added, "I'm not gonna get a chance to talk to him, I'm not gonna get a chance to explain myself. That's when I got nervous and scared."