Justin Timberlake to Compose Soundtrack to DEVIL IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Justin Timberlake will compose the soundtrack and serve as music supervisor for the upcoming film THE DEVIL IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA. The film, starring Jessica Biel, Chloe Moretz and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will be directed by Bill Purple from a script he co-penned with Robbie Pickering. <

AngelWorld Entertainment will finance and produce the project as the second of six upcoming films. The company will also be behind 'The Big Shoe', directed by Steven Shainberg and starring Jim Sturgess and Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon

The film will be set in New Orleans and will center on Dean Morgan's character Henry, described as "a grieving widower who recently lost his wife (Biel) in a tragic car accident, as he finds refuge by helping a wisecracking young girl (Moritz) fulfill her dream of building a raft and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean."

A statement from AngelWorld Entertainment noted, "This project is a perfect fit for AngelWorld with its gripping script, stellar cast and talented production team."

Production on the film is set to begin this fall.