Howie Mandel to Host New NBC Game Show WHITE ELEPHANT

Howie-Mandel-to-Host-New-NBC-Game-Show-20010101 reports that 'Deal or No Deal's Howie Mandel will host a new NBC game show, WHITE ELEPHANT. The show is based on a popular gift-trading tradition. 

In the show, six contestants will have the chance to chose one package from a collection of wrapped gifts which hold millions of dollars in prizes. They must incorporate strategy, luck, and a little guessing to decide if they want to steal prizes that have already been revealed, or take the risk of chosing an item in an unopened box. At the end of each round, the contestant with the least valuable prize is eliminated.

The last two players will face a choice, known in psychology as the “prisoner’s dilemma”. They will be presented with a box filled with two "life changing prizes" and must decide whether they will  share the gifts, or steal the other player’s gift but risk walking away empty handed.

NBC has greenlighted seven episodes of the series. It is expected to premiere around next holiday season.