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And so, another Gallagher season comes to an end. And even though I've always wanted Frank to be sent up the river, I didn't mean it literally. Still satisfying though.

Yes, Fiona and Sean's wedding day has arrived. Sure Frank is sneaking into the house during the night and torturing them by peeing in Sean's boots and sticking his toothbrush in places it wasn't meant to go, but the big problem is Bruno. Bruno is who he met on the train, gave $1000 to and told him to kill Sean. When Frank tracks down Bruno, he is a con man too and had no intention of killing Sean, he just wanted Frank's money. Hats off to you, Bruno. Still mad, Frank decides to break into the diner.

After spending the night in jail, The Professor bails Lip out and asks him to go to rehab as he thinks his drinking is out of control. (He's right). Lip tells him he cannot miss his sister's wedding the next day.

Still mourning the loss of his job as an EMT, Caleb encourages Ian to fight to get it back. However, Ian asks for his job back as a janitor at the University. He is refused there and all over town for a job. When he ends up back at The Fairy Tail where he used to be a stripper, he sees an ambulance drive by and decides to go back and confront his boss, Rita and beg for his job back. His coworkers stand by him and she relents.

Carl is still doing his best to become respectable in the eyes of Luther (Dom's father) by being responsible at home, watching basketball with them and shopping with them for Dom's dress for the wedding. Luther still doesn't like or trust him, but I feel like Carl is going to win him over.

Franny has her wellness exam, but the doctor is more worried about Debbie. She is still refusing to accept help from Fiona and is exhausted. She tells Fiona that she doesn't want to come to the wedding.

As the day of the wedding arrives, Debbie does show up with the baby and Fiona is all set for her perfect day. Cue the doom music. Lip and Ian step up to walk Fiona down the aisle, but a very high Frank shows up to claim his place. The entire family fights even ending in Lip punching Frank out. He does, however, reveal that in his break-in at the diner, he found drug paraphernalia to prove that Sean is using again. Sean can't deny it. Sean's son Will is horrified and Fiona is devastated. Sean confesses to Fiona that it is true, he started using a few months back and he will have to focus on Will and getting clean for the time being. He breaks it off with Fiona and leaves with Will. The family including Kev, V and Caleb, collectively throw Frank in the river. Debbie has a heart to heart with Lip and tells him that if Frank thinks he is drinking too much, he's probably drinking too much. She begs him not to turn into Frank. He calls the Professor who takes him to rehab and offers to pay for it.

Well, I was really expecting more of big bang of an ending, but for the Gallaghers it was pretty normal. Nobody really thought that Sean and Fiona were going to live happy ever after, right?

I am greatly enjoying Kev's relationship with V and Svetlana as the three of them are now... a couple? (Not sure of the terminology). But the best part of it is how one by one, everyone is realizing what is going on with them. Ian's look at them at the wedding was hilarious.

And that about does it for our Gallaghers. Hopefully Lip will get the help he needs and Debbie still stop being a jerk to Fiona now that her heart has been broken as well. I'm always sad to see the season end as I love these characters so much. Even if the finale was anti-climactic, overall it has been quite the season. Looking forward to Season Seven! See you in January!

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