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Oliver Riot Release Brand New Song 'Nervous'

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Oliver Riot Release Brand New Song 'Nervous'

Today, Oliver Riot - a pop duo comprised of identical twins, Benjamin and Alexander Moore - have released their brand new song, "Nervous," via AWAL. Currently, Oliver Riot has two EP's under their belt, which racked up 100+ million streams. Now the boys are back for more. The song was produced by Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, R.Lum.R, Thrice, Half Alive) featuring strings by Thomas Lea (Rhye, Mary J Blige, Yuna).

"Here is our new song called 'Nervous'," says the band. "Honestly, it's more of a poem than it is a song. The poem is about the feeling of being physically within proximity to someone you love while simultaneously knowing that they're *just* out of emotional reach. Being inches apart while feeling miles out, watching the person slowly fade away, slipping like water through your fingertips as you try to clasp on harder and harder. Interestingly enough, most of us have experienced this feeling at some point in life. We're all familiar with the devastating effects of living in constant nervousness, wondering when the person we depend on will disappear.

Insider fact about this recording: We recorded the vocals on the same $99 microphone we used on our last two EP's which we recorded in the back of an old Korean Church we were squatting in while homeless together. It brings back good and bad nostalgia for us using that microphone, so we couldn't resist using it for this song."

Coming up, Oliver Riot will be playing their first headline shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Tickets for the dates are available now; for more details visit:


October 18 - San Francisco, CA - PopScene

October 24 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere (Zone One)

October 28 - Los Angeles, CA - The Moroccan

Merging alternative experimentation, jazz expressionism, confessional lyrics, and left-of-center songwriting, Oliver Riot deliver a sonic duality as dynamic as their brotherly bond. Long before independently generating over 100 million-plus streams and attracting acclaim from OnesToWatch, BBC Radio 1, outspoken fans such as Chloe Grace Moretz, Sophia Bush, and more, identical twins Benjamin and Alexander Moore endured a novel-worthy trip. It took them from their native New Mexico through homelessness and hardship in Los Angeles, where they squatted illegally in the back of an old Korean church. Oliver Riot recorded their 2015 EP, Hallucinate, and 2017 EP, Neurosis, in the back of the very church where they squatted. The result struck a chord as their tracks racked up millions of streams, landing TV syncs across networks such as CBS, E! Network, and more. Eventually, the duo managed to move into a spot in South Central. Once again sharing a room in their new abode, Oliver Riot architect their next chapter heralded by the 2019 single "Nervous." On the track, minor jazz guitar chords ring out between somber piano and lush strings as the lyrics explore mental struggles they both face on a daily basis with Pure O OCD. In the end, these twins write a mythology of their own on more music to come.

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