Christina Munsey to Release Debut EP FOR ME, OR FOR YOU

By: Jan. 30, 2020
Christina Munsey to Release Debut EP FOR ME, OR FOR YOU

Eighteen-year-old Raleigh, NC singer/songwriter Christina Munsey is set to release her five-song debut EP, for me, or for you, March 6, 2020 (pre-order HERE). Young talent isn't a rare commodity these days but young talent with a distinguished voice, polished writing skills, poise, and a sense of self and determination isn't commonplace. And in an era where having teams of people writing one single song is considered the norm, Munsey is her own team writing effortless electro-pop melodies and lyrics with indie vibes that float along to her dreamy vocals as she sings about everyday teen angst.

Munsey released her very first song "Rose Gold" last year (with producer Au Lune). Mystic Sons called it "...a bold and euphoric electro-pop belter, with nods to Zedd," LeFutureWave said it's "...a brilliant piece of music," Clout said the song had" electronic tones..." while LA On Lock called out its "...Haunting vocals and a varied melody..." Now, with for me, or for you, brings five new songs (and an interlude), including the lead track, "crystal skies," out February 7, 2020 which glows with layered textures and atmospheric melodies, electric guitar and high hats.

All of Munsey's songs come from a raw, emotional, internal, and moody place based on personal experiences. Songs such as "hazy" and "apart" are about being at the end of yourself and not knowing how to cope with a lost relationship. The evocative "for me, or for you pt. 1" interlude brings you into a lighter track "swoony," a word to describe having overwhelmingly intense feelings for someone. The last song on the EP. "california glow," is about finding light in a dark situation.

Melodies come into her head first, starting with a hum until they sound like she wants them to sound, then come the words, which she starts piecing together to form the lyrics and the phrases that form the song. Her songs are also summoned from nature, especially storms which conjure up something that triggers a wave of creativity that is only harnessed through her music. "All of the songs that I have written have been influenced by my fascination with storms. I never feel fully in my creative element until there are heavy clouds, rain, and thunder accompanying. Something about it triggers a different part of my brain, that allows me to completely dive into whatever I'm working on."

But Munsey doesn't have a formula for writing songs. Sometimes she'll pick up an electric guitar (she also plays classical guitar and piano) to create basic chords to sing over. But other times "I'll be walking outside and listening to the sound of my shoes hitting the concrete, and I'll hear a melody in my head and quickly reach for my phone to record it. Finding inspiration has never been a hard thing for her. "I've had many instances where I can't figure out how I'm feeling about a situation and with no intention to write about it, it inevitably makes its way onto paper. That's also why it's so addicting, so cathartic. When feelings are all you have at first, it's important to lay things out and get comfortable with saying them out loud. But when you craft them into actual sound, it's a whole other level of contentment."

for me, or for you Track Listing:

"crystal skies"

"california glow"

"for me, or for you pt. 1" (interlude)





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