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Marina's Menu & Lifestyle: HOW TO SUPPORT THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY During the Covid-19 Outbreak and Trying Times

Marina's Menu & Lifestyle: HOW TO SUPPORT THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY During the Covid-19 Outbreak and Trying Times

The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted many of our usual routines and that includes dining out. Sports fans have fewer gatherings to look forward to, making a big impact on business at sports bars. And with spring around the corner, many restaurants rely on new seasonal menus to boost their business.

There are ways that we can all continue to support local restaurant establishments. There's also the supply chain to be considered, the dedicated people who work behind the scenes and professionals who promote eateries. There are a lot of moving parts to consider whenever you have a meal out. And now is the time to care about supporting our friends and neighbors.

TAKE OUT AND DELIVERY - Don't limit your choices to fast food. The local deli, a full service restaurant, and even your favorite upscale eating establishment will be willing to package a meal for home consumption. Many restaurants are increasing their curbside pick up and delivery capabilities for your convenience and offering discounts for customers.

GIFT CERTIFICATES - There are a lot of people who aren't feeling good about changing their habits. Cheer up a loved one or a friend with a gift certificate. Most restaurants will make them available at different denominations so it doesn't have to be a big dollar amount to put a smile on someone's face. When these trying times pass, using a gift certificate for a delicious meal is something to look forward to.

LET THEM KNOW YOU CARE - There a great future ahead for the restaurant industry. If you have a favorite place, a chef you know, or a person working in the food service business, drop them a line and communicate that you look forward to patronizing them soon.

LEAVE A TIP - Many workers rely heavily on their tips. Don't forget to include one!

CONTINUE YOUR GOOD HYGIENE PRACTICES - Whether you are picking up food, accepting a delivery or a curb side pick up, hand washing, using hand sanitizer, and social distancing will keep people safe.

The local, state and federal response to the Covid-19 outbreak is ever-changing. Refer to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for up to date information. Visit:

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