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BBQ Pairing Suggestions by TUSSOCK JUMPER WINES

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BBQ Pairing Suggestions by TUSSOCK JUMPER WINES

Editor's Note: We are pleased to share with our readers wine pairings for the summer grilling season. The Tussock Jumper Wines that are suggested have a fine quality and are very accessible.

It's barbecue season, so roll out some of your favorite foods and pair them with wine. According to Cassandra Rosen, wine educator at Tussock Jumper Wines, a good bottle of wine can be the perfect partner for barbecue, helping to cut through all of the umami flavors and high fats in grilled meats. The tannins and acid in red wines will also help balance out all of those savory, tangy BBQ sauce flavors, while white wines can complement grilled fish, salads, and lighter fare. Rosen has put together a very helpful guide of her top 10 wines to try for your next barbecue adventure.

A French Chardonnay - Rosen explains that a high acid Chardonnay with just a hint of oak makes a great partner for poultry, whether it's rotisseried, grilled, or cooked under a brick. "Flavors of stone fruits, citrus, and green apple will complement any accompaniments like honey mustard and creamy sauces, and the acid will help cut through fats."

Tussock Jumper Chardonnay, France ($11.99)

Cabernet Sauvignon - Full bodied with flavors of red cherry and black fruits, with medium acidity and firm tannins, Rosen says this wine is a great pairing for the flavors in a juicy burger, as well as melted cheese like cheddar and pepper jack. "Choose higher tannin, high acid wines pair better with high fat, high protein dishes, as the combination will make the wine taste smoother and enhance fruity flavors." Tussock Jumper Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina ($11.99

Riesling - According to Rosen, If you're grilling seafood or pork chops with cinnamon apples, try pairing it with a high acid wine like Riesling. "Simple, yet juicy flavors of apple, lemon, and citrus will complement the flavors in the dish, and heighten spicy flavors." Tussock Jumper Riesling, Germany ($11.99

Sauvignon Blanc - Rosen suggests pairing seafood dishes and salads with a bright, grassy white like a sustainably made Sauvignon Blanc. "With its bright, citrus aromas and tropical flavors along with a crisp finish, this wine is a great accompaniment to dishes like grilled romaine with Caesar dressing, shrimp kebabs, lemon butter chicken, grilled veggies, and more." Tussock Jumper Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand ($11.99)

Malbec - Rosen says that you can't go wrong pairing sweet and spicy barbecue with an equally bold wine like Malbec. "Look for a Malbec that has flavors of black cherry, plums, and spice, along with high tannins - a great match for grilled beef like brisket or steak." Rosen adds that a cecret chef trick is to add a little dry red wine to store bought barbecue sauce. "It gives it extra pizazz!" Tussock Jumper Malbec, Argentina ($11.99)

Zinfandel - If you're serving up sausages, ribs, and kielbasa, Rosen recommends reaching for a spicy, fruity red like Tussock Jumper's Zinfandel, with just enough body to stand up to those big, bold flavors. "Hailing from California's Lodi Valley, this classic 100% Zinfandel is full-bodied, but with soft tannins. Flavors of raspberries, black pepper, and leather lead up to a smooth finish." Tussock Jumper Zinfandel, California ($11.99

Pinot Grigio - "This is your go-to summer white wine, as it's light crisp body and flavors of citrus and pineapple will pair with a variety of lighter grilled foods," says Rosen. She adds that seafood is a brilliant partner for a Pinot Grigio with a long, crisp finish. She recommends pairing with scallops, white fish, and even grilled peaches or pineapple. "It also makes an amazing white sangria, if you don't just finish the bottle all by itself." Tussock Jumper Pinot Grigio, Italy ($11.99)

Chenin - Rosen explains that spicy dishes call for a bright, high acid white wine. "We love pairing Chenin Blanc with barbecue, as the aromatics in the wine will complement all of the sweet, sour, and spicy flavors you'll likely have going on. With tropical flavors of guava, ripe peach, and pineapple aromas, along with crisp minerality, this is the perfect wine for Caribbean fare like jerk shrimp pasta, spicy shrimp kabobs, and mango glazed pork chops." Tussock Jumper Chenin Blanc, South Africa ($11.99)

Red Blend - Wash down all that sweet-and-smoky BBQ sauce with a lighter-bodied red wine that's built for warm weather. Rosen suggests a sweeter red blend such as Tussock's Sweet Cat. "Hailing from Verona, the wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Corvina grapes to bring out their natural fruit flavors and sweetness. It's a perfect picnic table wine, meant to be served slightly chilled." Flavors of sweet cherries, raspberries, spice, and smooth tannins will make it a great partner for sweet barbecue ribs, as well as chocolate desserts and ice creams. Tussock Jumper Sweet Cat Red, Italy ($11.99)

Prosecco - "Let's be honest-we all love bubbles - however, a barbecue with its disposable plates and utensils doesn't exactly scream 'let's open our most expensive bottle of champagne!" explains Rosen. She says skip the snobbery and pop a bottle of budget-friendly Prosecco, an easy-drinking sparkler that will pair with a variety of dishes. "Apple, lemon, and pear flavors, along with persistent bubbles will be a great wine partner for buttery garlic shrimp, grilled lobster, and mojo marinated chicken. Toss a scoop of boozy ice cream or sorbet into a glass of Prosecco, and you've got yourself an adult float. Seriously-is there a better way to end a barbecue?" Tussock Jumper Prosecco, Italy ($12.99

About Cassandra Rosen

Cassandra Rosen is a wine & spirits consultant. She works with a range of winemakers and distillers on everything from flavor profiles and alcohol content in wines, to botanicals and distillate cuts on spirits, as well as tasting notes, and food+wine pairings. Her recipes and pairings have been published in HuffPost, Shape,, Chilled Magazine, Food & Beverage Magazine, Cheers Magazine, Bartender Magazine, and many more.


As a gold medal award winning wine portfolio, Tussock Jumper Wines sources only the best limited production vintages each growing season from producers around the globe.

For the US market, the Tussock Jumper portfolio includes 24 wines from eleven different winemaking regions. Each of their wines are bottled at the source, capturing the best flavors and aromas from grape to glass.

To 'bring your wine to life®', Tussock Jumper has also developed an augmented reality app, with each regional ambassador 'jumping' off the bottle to help with wine pairings and recommendations. Download it free on the Play Store or iTunes. Tussock Jumper Wines can be purchased on Drizly. And check out these tasty recipes on the company's web site

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tussock Jumper Wines (Grilled Steak and Malbec Pairing)

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