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ALKALINE WATER COMPANY for Top Quality Water Products


ALKALINE WATER COMPANY for Top Quality Water Products

The Alkaline Water Company is renowned for Alkaline88, a water offering superior hydration with its perfectly balanced 8.8pH purified ionized water enhanced with pink Himalayan rock salt and electrolytes.

Our readers will be pleased that Alkaline88 is packaged in BPA-free, PET #1 recyclable bottles in a variety of sizes for their customer's needs. They include 500 ml, 1-liter and 1-gallon containers. They also have an attractive, eco-friendly 500 ml aluminum container. It's easy to take Alkaline88 everywhere you go.

The Alkaline Water Company also produces A88 Infused. This refreshing line of naturally flavored, sugar-free infused waters boasts tempting flavors that include Raspberry, Blood Orange, Watermelon, Lemon, Peach Mango and Lemon-Lime.

Founded in 2012, The Alkaline Water Company set out on a mission to create the best tasting water in the world and they certainly have been successful. At the time, there were two emerging trends in health conscious consumers. The first was the growing interest in the alkaline diet and the second was the perceived health benefits of pink Himalayan rock salt. The Company combined these two concepts in an alkaline water and trademarked the name "Alkaline88®".

The Alkaline Water Company has been able to achieve the smoothest tasting, Clean Beverage® in the US enhanced water category. Since its inception, Alkaline88® has been represented in over 70,000 retail outlets nationwide and has become the 10th largest enhanced water brand in the country.

ALKALINE WATER COMPANY for Top Quality Water Products

The Alkaline Water Company continues to grow to the delight of consumers. Sprouts, one of the nation's leading grocery retailers, now carries Alkaline88 nationwide in its eco-friendly bottles. IBA Foodservice, the foodservice broker, is presenting the brand to the entire hospitality channel that includes restaurants, hotels, airports, stadiums, schools, and more.

After just one sip of water from Alkaline Water Company, we know you will be impressed and make their products staple items for you and your family. You can now enjoy their products with free delivery from their web site and look for them at your favorite retailer. For more information and to learn about purchasing, visit

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Alkaline Water Company

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