Improv Troupe Eight Is Never Enough Announces Plans for First Movie

Improv Troupe Eight Is Never Enough Announces Plans for First Movie

Improv Comedy Troupe, Eight Is Never Enough, has presented thousands of live shows in the past ten years, including "Improv 4 Kids" and "LMAO Off-Broadway". You can catch the live comedy in action weekly at the Broadway Comedy Club and touring nationwide to schools, theaters and private/corporate events. Now the troupe is set to take on the big screen with "P.O.O.P. the MOVIE".

P.O.O.P. stands for "Professional Organization of Poggz". What are Poggz (AKA Pogs, Milkcaps)? If you don't know than you were not a kid, teen or immature 20-something in the mid-1990s, or a parent made to waste thousands of dollars on the fly-by-night fad.

FYI - All the POOP humor (toilet wise) is in the promotion of this film. The movie itself is a strong character comedy. From the Long Island Twins (that just happen to be gay and lesbian that hate each other played by PatRick Reidy and Rebecca Vigil), Southern Belle (Samantha Ciavarella), Upper East Side Socialite (Tara Novie), Cat Lover (Evan Schultz), Marilyn Monroe wannabe starlet from Hollywood (Melissa Bayern) and of course everyone's favorites - The Mormon Vampire (Andy Scannell) and Blackinese Nail Technician (Amelia Fowler). Seriously, THIS is a great movie!!!<

This mockumentary, created by Evan Schultz (8 improv member since 2009) promises to deliver to all fans of Christopher Guest Movies (Best In Show, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind), The Office and / or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Now in production (filming spring 2013) the troupe's project has been accepted by KICKSTARTER. The campaign is currently live. The film will be submitted to festivals and screened in New York and Los Angeles starting Late Summer 2013. Dozens of teaser videos and more info at