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VIDEO: National Symphony Orchestra Performs John Ireland's 'Epic March'

The Kennedy Center has released a flashback video of the National Symphony Orchestra performing John Ireland's "Epic March," conducted by Michael Butterman.

This performance is part of "Reach for the Moon: John F. Kennedy's Vision and Courage," a Young People's Concert. Hosted by Michael Butterman and Marisa Regni at the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, October 18, 2016.

Check out the video below!

British composer John Ireland was an extremely careful composer who put a lot of thought into his work. During the dark days of World War II, he was asked by the British Broadcasting Corporation to write a march that might help strengthen the courage of the British people. Have you heard of Morse Code? That's the combination of short and long sounds and flashes of lights and electrical pulses used to signal messages-super, secret messages. Well, the SSSL pattern also means the letter V-like in the word VICTORY-in Morse Code.

For sure, Ireland used the SSSL motif in his "Epic March" to comfort the British people that they would win the war. (By the way, they did!) Listen carefully for these dramatic four notes repeated throughout the music.

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