This Valentine's Day, Psychotherapist Jennifer Beall Offers Women a Way to Improve Relationships

Valentine's Day, a time of love and romance, can also trigger relationship problems. Jennifer Beall, a psychotherapist and author, helps her clients and her readers to improve their self-esteem by changing negative thoughts about themselves. Improved self-esteem also leads to improvements in personal relationships.

Ms. Beall has a psychotherapy practice in the Annapolis, MD area. Her practice consists largely of clients who grew up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional households. These clients' parents were unable to adequately meet their children's emotional needs, which led to the development of low self-esteem, codependency, perfectionism, and an inability to say no. All of these affect relationships with others.

The idea behind her therapeutic approach is this: her clients got a lot of negative messages growing up that simply weren't true. Understanding what happened to them and learning to think and behave differently creates huge changes in their views of themselves, which helps them to have healthier relationships.

Ms. Beall's book "'Me' Time: Finding the Balance Between Taking Care of Others and Taking Care of Yourself" makes her therapeutic approach accessible to all. It tells the stories of those who have struggled with low self-esteem and all that comes with it, as well as stories of those who have found ways to change their thinking and their lives. It includes practical, straightforward exercises that help readers to apply the book's ideas to their own lives.<

Reader Pat Saylor says of the book, "'Me' Time: Finding the Balance Between Taking Care of Others and Taking Care of Yourself" is clearly one of the best self-help books that I have read...[It] provides significant suggestions for eliminating frustrations and finding a new way of living with personal freedom and self-confidence."

A sample chapter of the book is available for download sample chapter. The book is available on in both print and Kindle editions. The Kindle edition can be downloaded for free between February 15th and February 19th.

About YourBalance Publishing

YourBalance Publishing is dedicated to just that: helping people find balance in their lives, particularly between taking care of others and taking care of themselves. This includes raising their self-esteem to create a more balanced view of themselves; addressing codependent behaviors to balance others' feelings and their own; and changing dysfunctional behaviors to bring balance to personal relationships. YourBalance Publishing is an extension of founder Jennifer Beall's private psychotherapy practice, which focuses on empowering clients to overcome the effects of growing up in alcoholic or otherwise dysfunctional families so they can choose new, more positive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.