The Evil Stepmother Speaks, Finally! by Barb Goldberg is Released

The Evil Stepmother Speaks, Finally! by Barb Goldberg is Released

Once upon a time, in a family down the street, there was a King and a Queen who had two children. One day, the impossible happened. The King and Queen divorced. Eventually, the King remarried. There was a new Queen aka The Stepmother. Chaos reigned. Naively, when the stepmother joined the family, she expected her fairy tale to continue...

Sadly, for most step families, life isn't a fairy tale, with only one-third of all step families going the distance, it's a undertaking that should come with a warning label. Just ask celebrity step moms LeAnn Rimes and Jada Pinkett Smith. It takes courage, patience, and understanding to navigate the sometimes frustrating world of step-parenthood! But now The Evil Stepmother Speaks offers a voice of experience, speaking out for all step mothers everywhere! Barb Goldberg isn't just an in demand life coach. She also spent over 20 years in corporate America navigating interpersonal relations. And, most importantly, she's a step mom to 3 now grown children.

When asked why she felt she had to write this book, Goldberg said, "I always wished that I had known what was going to happen to me, once I became a stepmother. I wish that someone had taught me how to laugh. I wish that someone had told me what to do. I wish that someone had shown me that it was all going to work out. Hopefully, The Evil Stepmother Speaks grants these wishes."

The book is being hailed as a reassuring look for step parents show the path to peace, fun, and your happily ever after! As Goldberg says, "A strong, focused stepmom can save the family. She is the secret weapon." One of Goldberg's signature talks is, "How To Be s Superhero Stepmom."

To learn all the secrets, visit The Evil Stepmother Speaks website or pick up your copy of the book. Available on Amazon now. For a media review copy of the book, or to book Barb Goldberg on your show, please send your request to pr(at)theevilstepmotherspeaks(dot)com.