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C. Ellen Culverwell Releases New Book THE LITTLEST POTATO On The Healing Power Of Horses

Hayley Culverwell adopted a horse named Pilot in 2017, and their relationship has inspired a third book by C. Ellen Culverwell

C. Ellen Culverwell Releases New Book THE LITTLEST POTATO On The Healing Power Of Horses

Hayley Culverwell, daughter of C. Ellen Culverwell adopted a horse named Pilot in 2017, and their relationship has inspired a third book by C. Ellen Culverwell, author of Blind Horse Bluff, and The Horse Lady. The book about Pilot, a miniature horse who has quite a social media following will be released later this year, titled The Littlest Potato. The Littlest Potato is a story about this "spirited and amazing" miniature horse. Throughout the story line, Pilot learns to accept himself and thrive, even though he is made fun of for being small in stature. Social media users can follow Pilot's posts at A Horse Named Pilot on Facebook. The page is run by Hayley Culverwell. Pilot is also on Pinterest and Instagram @AHorseNamedPilot. Pilot has been featured on The Dodo's Snapchat. Culverwell states that developing social media platforms for Pilot came about due to "his larger than life personality, and the funny, yet immensely adorable expressions that he makes."

Published author C. Ellen Culverwell's book Blind Horse Bluff is a children's book recommended for children ages 8-12, yet it is inspirational to many readers of all ages. The book's story is set around a character depicted as Claire Westfield, otherwise known as 'The Horse Lady.' Young Maggie Forrester's character, who is an orphan in the book, lives with her grandfather, and Claire. Young Maggie helps 'The Horse Lady' in her work healing previously abused or neglected horses. They spend their summer at St. Michael's, a facility for the blind and handicapped. Blind Horse Bluff is a story about healing and redemption, as the troubled teens and horses work together to benefit from the healing power of this relationship. All of the children in the book are receptive and initially love the program and the confidence it gives them, except for Jeremy who is blind, privileged economically, emotionally deprived, and resistant. Claire Westfield has the idea that a blind horse could help him. C. Ellen Culverwell's second book is another story about healing horses and people through their interaction. The Horse Lady is best described as "a touching story about loss and the power of family to transcend tragedy through the power of love." This storyline includes the tale of Maggie Forrester, who has gone to Vermont to live with her grandfather after her parents' death, and now has to adjust to this new life. She has been told by others that a lady known as 'The Horse Lady' is a bit different, so naturally she cannot resist finding out for herself. Throughout this story, Maggie Forrester discovers that Claire is a kind woman who looks after horses taken from people who had abused or neglected them. Maggie soon finds herself welcomed into a richly rewarding world of caring for the horses, a world that is unexpectedly threatened. It is a vivid and moving novel about horses, and also an enlightening one about the complexity and value of human relationships, as well as a story about a girl who is growing up learning from those from different generations.

Author C. Ellen Culverwell lives on a farm patterned after 'The Horse Lady's' farm, which she created prior to writing her books. Daughter, Hayley Culverwell moved back to the farm and together, much like the characters of Claire and Maggie from the novels, they have rescued and rehabilitated horses, horses who remain an integral part of their life.

C. Ellen Culverwell was born and raised in a small town resembling the town in her novel. She is seeking an illustrator, who can do classic fairytale illustrations, for the forthcoming book to be published this year about Pilot, The Littlest Potato. Illustrators interested in being considered should contact Hayley Culverwell through the "A Horse Named Pilot," Facebook page. Hayley Culverwell has additional plans to feature more stories about Pilot, through an upcoming television or New Media series. Ellen Culverwell's books are available on Amazon at the following link: C. Ellen Culverwell - "The Horse Lady," and "Blind Horse Bluff." .

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